Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deaconess Phoebe: Women got Second Class Baptisms

Women cannot be ordained. Got it! The Church has no authrity to ordain women as either preiests or deaconesses! 100% concur.

Deaconesses in scripture didn't do the same things that the Deacons did. The Deacons were an ordained ministry. The Deaconesses did not do anything that required being ordained.  The Deacons did all the important stuff, the Deaconesses did all the minor stuff that didn't require ordination.  All theimprtant stuff required ordination so the men did that. Got it not a problem accept it one hundred percent.

The Ordained Deacons baptised the men. The Unordained Deaconesses baptised the women. The layman did not baptise on his own. So the regualr layman who also was unordained did not have the authority to baptise. But only men could be baptised by ordained Deacons and consecrated hands, women were baptised by UNordained women without consecrated hands.  Wouldn't that suggest that women's baptisms were not as important as men's baptisms, because their baptsim were not performed by ordained minsters with consecrated hands?

Thinking out loud.

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Colin Kerr said...

Deacons did not baptize, bishops did. Deacons assisted the bishop baptizing naked men, deaconesses assisted the bishops baptizing the naked women. Deaconesses are not mentioned in Scripture, but in early church writings. All baptisms were considered equal.

Scripture to keep in mind

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