Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bear is absolutely NO HELP

Puff:   I am insane, nuts.  I belong in 1001 Queen Street.  Will you please declare me insane and commit me?

Bear:  Ah, what's wrong.

Puff: I am the most incompetent horrible mother. 

Bear: Why?

Puff: Well, yesterday Arwen complained of stomach ache and felt really bad, so I kept her home and except for some constipation she could have gone to school. Today, same complaint, except she feels nauseas.  She has had that too, and then I keep her at home and she is fine.  So I said to her:  "Go to school, it will pass. "  Now,  watch! She is going to throw up at school.  And I'll be that horrible mother who sends her sick kid to school.  Or I am that horrible mother who keeps her kid home over every little thing.  I can't win.  I must be crazy.

Bear Silence, continues to go about getting ready for work.  I put Frodo in the bath.  Scrub Frodo and then hand him his bath toys.  I open the bathroom door and ask Bear, who happens to be passing and heading downstairs

Puff:  So are you going to have me declared insane and commit me or what?

Bear:   Pausing on the landing, considers a moment then answers: No, You aint getting out that easily.  Then continues down the stairs.

Puff:   But, but, I'd do it for you!

Bear:  I got to go. Love you, Bye

Well, Frodo starts pouring water onto the bathroom floor, cause that's so much fun, especially when mom bends down to dry up the floor and then you pour water on her head.  So I take him out dress him, take him down stairs for his midmorning snack.  And come to the conclusion that: For some reason God gave me these particular children.   I have no idea what they could possibly have done to warrant this mess for a mother, but I love them to bits. I have to believe God knew what he is doing. 
Time to take Frodo out to the playground before lunch and nap.  TTFN

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