Friday, March 29, 2013

Ah, Shut Up. This is Mass, It may be in English but It's Mass

The major trouble with bilingual parishes is that there are always two masses, to accomodate the different languages.  Which is fine.  Usually they have the English Mass first followed by the Heritage language next.  Which would be fine except that people start arriving early for the second mass and instead of waiting in the Church Hall they all mill around in the narthex and talk, by the time the Eucharistic Procession was in progress, the people in the narthex had come through and were making noise in the back of the church during the Tantum Ergo.  I wanted to YELL: 

You might not understand the language, but this is Mass, it is just as reverential and holy and sacred as when this is done in your language.  We are still adoring the Body and Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus and you are still being disrespectful to HIM.

But that would have disturbed the Mass and the Action  and would have be considered uncharitble.

And no having just one mass in latin would not solve the problem.  People, would be just a rude at a singular latin mass as an english one.  When they don't understand they ignore,and don't consider it important. That's my conclusion based on my observation. Which could explain the whole No Latin at Mass movement.  People don't respect what they don't understand.

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