Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arwen's Team takes First Place

Arwen's team takes first place for her age group and challenge at the DI Regionals on Saturday.

It's off to the Provincials in two weeks time at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

It will be me to take her this time.

It's the Regionals Today

Well Arwen and Bear are off to Saint Basil the Great College School for the Regionals in Destination Imagination Tournament.

Man, this morning was a switch from the norm.  Usually morning routine goes something like this.

Puff: Arwen get up.
Arwen: Uh, n. uh  more minutes
10 minutes later

Puff: Arwen, you are going to be late for school. Get up, get your school clothes on, and get yourself down for breakfast.

Arwen: I don't want to go to school.(Then comes the choice of malady du jour 
~I don't feel well.
~My stomach hurts.
~I got a headache.
~My throat is scratchy.
~I think I got nodes.
~Mom, can you kiss my forehead, I think I have a fever?

Puff:  My answer depends on which malady she chooses
~You're just needing breakfast. (Actually my response to both of the top two excuses)
~You are dehydrated, Go have your hot cocoa.
~So is mine.  The air is very dry in the house.  Gargle with salt water.
~(After feeling her nodes)  They are fine.  Or  They are noticeable.  It might mean something.  I'll check them again after school.
~(After kissing forehead) Nope, you are cooler than I am.

Now get downstairs ready for school.


Arwen:  I'm ready.

Puff: How close did your brush or comb get to your head this morning.

Arwen: Close enough

Puff: Get it closer.  You got a rats' nest.  Try reducing it to a mouses' nest. Here's your hot cocoa.

Arwen:  I thought you wanted me to have breakfast.

Puff: What do you want?

Arwen: Makes her request

Puff: Comb your hair.

.... It continues, on and on, for the entire 45 minutes to get her ready for school, In the meantime, I am getting myself and sometimes Frodo ready at the same time.


Today: (I have to wake her up almost and hour earlier than usual)

Puff: Arwen, it's time to get up. It's DI today, and you said you wanted to take a bath this morning.

Arwen: Okay mom, thanks mom...She's out of bed and in the bathroom before I even get her her towel.

She's downstairs. Dressed, hair combed. Requesting toast and zambaglione and apple juice, for breakfast.

She ate.  She got her lunch together.  She packed her laptop.  Got her coat on and boots, and scarf.  And spent 20 minutes waiting for Bear, without complaining.


Query: What does DI have that school doesn't?  Or was it that she was going with Bear?

Any how,  Wish her luck.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Toronto Leafs Fans: Special Breed UPDATED:Now with video

It is a unique personality who can succeed at being a Leafs fan.  The Leafs fan will soar high on the very short winning streaks.   We dive yes, but not into the abyss when the Leafs have a long losing streak.  We are a hearty sort.  Our hope springs eternal.  Secretly we believe, though the world may laugh, that one season, we will quietly make it to the play-offs, and then God will let his face shine on the team and they will win the final game.  Okay, okay we are a little, um,.... what's the word I'm looking for... ah yes, ... delusional, but you know delusions are not all bad. Sometimes delusions help one look himself in the mirror in the morning.

Though with all these great enduring qualities that Leafs fans, everyone of them, have. Toronto Leafs fans though support all of Toronto's teams, whatever the sport. Heck they'll even cheer the Blue Jays during a Leafs game.

Updated: I got a video.

Ah gotta love us Leafs' fans.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Arwen is in the Regionals

Arwen will be in the regional tournament for Destination Imagination.


Easter is on it's way- And My life is going to hell in a handbasket

And with that comes the hassle of planning the whys and wherefores of where we are spending the requisite feast days.

We spent Christmas day with Bear's people.  So Easter Sunday will naturally be with my people.  That's just grand.

First there is the whole Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper.  (Which parent goes with the girls and which stays home with Frodo.)  There is no way Frodo will be able to be quiet for that mass which is scheduled to be right during his daily fussy time.   Though whoever stays home with Frodo, will then go to Eucharistic Adoration. ( Could you not stay awake one hour with Me?")  I think I'll take the Adoration.  Why should Bear get all the fun?

Good Friday, well, is a little better.  Service being at 3:00 is right about Frodo's nap time so we might get lucky and have him sleep during the service.

As much as I would love to go to Easter Vigil, I don't think it'll be a go this year.  Though, I could attend Easter Vigil, and then stay home with Frodo in the morning while Bear and the girls go. But I was mugged when I was 16 and I am highly uncomfortable travelling after dark(late) anywhere, but where we live, there have been a couple of sexual assaults... so ah , no. so I doubt that that will even be doable.

Then there is the whole, where to have meals.  My dm, MIL, sis et family, SIL, BIL, etc etc nephews and nieces all have to be visited.  Oh and Bear is working Easter Monday. Oh joy.

To make this even more sweet, I am livid with my sister.  She's always been a pain, but lately her insensitivity is really offensive. But if I broach the subject now, I will blast her and probably say stuff I'll regret.  So I need to calm down, and yet I know, that once I've calmed down, I will decide it's not worth the expenditure of air to talk to her.- She won't change. and forgive me but she isn't worth it.  And I'll be spending Easter Sunday with her- and I really don't want to!

If Easter Sunday is supposed to be such a wonderful day of rejoicing, why will I be doing penance?

I just want to cry.!

Palm Sunday isn't Palm Sunday without Palm Crosses

Pattern #1:

A palm frond about 1/4 inch wide and 13 inches long will make an average size cross.

1. Hold the frond horizontally

2. Bend the right end straight up from the centre to form a right angle.

3. Fold this same top strip, from the centre, back and down, up and over again, to form a square at the back.
It will still be a right angle at this point.

4. a) Bring the left strip forward and fold over the centre towards the right.
    b) Fold away from you and pull through the square at back, all the way.

5. Bend the top strip forward and put the end through the centre square to make a shaft of desired length.

6. Fold left hand strip backwards and put through the back square.
This makes the left crossbar and should be in proportion to the shaft.

7. Fold the right strip back, put through the back square and fasten.

Courtesy of Brother Michael

Pattern Two (easier) Perfect for Children

1. 6 to 7 inches from bottom, bend palm back and down.

2. 2 to 3 inches down, bend longer part back to right.

3. To form horizontal bar, bend to left in front, then bend back to right.

4. Bring to top right, from where it will be wrapped around to secure. You will probaby need to bend it in back to bring to top right to start wrapping.

5. Go to bottom left and then up in back to top left.

6. Go to bottom right and then through back, or over and through back, to end.


1. Take your twofold palm and tear it apart, leaving the fronds attached near the end.

2. Cut each frond in two lengthwise, again leaving the pieces attached near the end.

3.Braid palm pieces. Since it's harder to braid four strands, weave in the fourth after you have completed the braid, or braid it as one with one of the three pieces.

4. Tie ends of completed braid together.

5. To make the thorns, partially slit fronds.

Then there is the more complicated

Crown of Thorns

Illustration and Drawing by Grant Micheli Scalise
Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns Drawing
Crown of Thorns
To start you need a "spine", which is the piece down the center in the picture. The best thing to use as the spine is the hard piece you find on the edge of the palms. It's best because it's stiff and won't bend when you're weaving.Then you need four separate pieces of palm; two pieces on each side of the spine. Then I like to tape the palms and spine so they stay together, like shown in the picture. The white piece at the top is, of course, the tape. Then I like to tape that part to the edge of a table so it isn't moving around while I'm weaving. It's the best way to do it.
To start weaving, you start with the outer most palm on the right. Twist it, as shown in the picture, over the palm next to it and then under the spine. Then you want to make sure and bend it back over. So follow the outer most palm on the right in the picture.
Next you want to take the outer most palm on the left and fold it over the palm next to it and under the spine, and then back over. Remember to bring it back over to point down to the left.
Next take the inner palm on the right and twist it over the palm and under the spine, and then back and down to the right. And then you do the inner palm on the left, over the palm, under the spine and back down to the left. Next back to the outer palm on the right, over the palm, under the spine and back over. Then you do the outer palm on the left and so forth, switching from side to side.
When you get to where you want to stop, fold all the palms in towards the spine, so they follow the pattern of the crown. Then take the taped end and bring them together to form the shape of a crown (a circle). They should over lap, one on the inside of the crown and one on the outside. You want to then use either some string or a thin piece of palm to tie around the two ends to hold them together. Tie tight, so it won't come apart. And you want to tie down from the tape and up from the bottom end. Then cut the taped edge off near the string (or palm) and cut all the extra palm off the bottom end.
Then you take nail clippers or scissors and clip the outside palms at an angle to reveal the thorns. You clip where the arrow indicates in the picture, and you clip every one where it's folded. The crown is very easy to make once you get the pattern down. It will come quickly. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She Says, She Means: Does this make me look fat?

Okay, yes I have  asked Bear his opinion on what I am wearing for an evening out with him.  I would like to point out that I STOPPED torturing asking him almost 14 years.

Does this make me look fat?

To understand the meaning behind this question, one needs to see what has happened to necessitate the torture question.

When this question is asked, the woman knows the answer. Contrary to all those men who think they know what women want to hear is NO.  Ah you are wrong.

The question is used by women when there body shape has changed, recently, and they don't know how to dress the new shape.  This does not necessarily mean that the woman is overweight.  Just that her shape has changed.  You may not have noticed because she's been wearing sweats and slippers for the last 6 months.

Let me give an example: A couple had a child 6 months ago.  The woman has ALMOST returned to her pre-pregnancy weight.  The difference is say 7 lbs.  Half of which is probably the milk she is producing,  you know, because of all the pressure she was getting that breastfeeding is the BEST for the baby, which also explains why she is bigger up top.  She has spent the last six months still wearing her maternity tops to make room for the extra milk, and has not had the time to actually go out and buy anything appropriate for an evening out. All she has left is the evening attire that fit like a dream before she got pregnant with your spawn, but now stretches and pulls just a little too much across the chest, and she knows the top will get tighter throughout the night because she won't be nursing every two hours.

The other half was gained below the waist, and gravity and skin having lost elasticity means that she is loosey goosey and the cute little skirt that made her look so hawt, now reveals every lump and bulge remnant of the pregnancy.

She doesn't have anything decent to wear.  She is trying to look good with stuff that doesn't fit.

In short, she is  torturing you asking because you dared to invite her out before she a) got her pre-pregnancy figure back b) before she reached the acceptance stage regarding her new measurements or c) got herself a brand new wardrobe. ( Clue in either case she wants a new wardrobe)

Want she wants is to wear that red dress that is your favourite, that makes you go hubba hubba, and makes every other man out there respect you for having such a hawt wife, but that slinky red dress doesn't fit because the last time she wore that little number, and you went hubba hubba was 15 months ago. (Remember the kid's 6 months old. Do the math!)  So it's your fault that she lost her girlish figure, so,,,,

So she asks your opinion. She isn't asking you if she looks good enough for you: she knows you are stuck taking her as she is.  What she wants to know is: can she still turn other men's heads - and in a good way! She wants to know that you will still need to beat the other guys off with a stick.

Does this make  me look fat? = Can you see that I've lost my girlish figure because of you, and I need a new wardrobe, so what are you going to do about it!

BTW If she's lost her girlish figure and there was no pregnancy... ah ....well, then... it's still your fault.
If you try to deny the blame, she will so find a reason it is your fault and she will totally pwn you, so skip the fight and accept the blame.)

Any other suggestions for translations of woman-speak to man-speak, please place in commbox

Monday, March 26, 2012

Reviewing My Stats

According to Blogger

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It surprises me that the most popular visits are from people wanting to read or search for women`s slacks.  Go Figure.  With everything that is happening in the world, people are interested in either fashion or debate about fashion.
Anyway that`s my hits update.  

In completely unrelated news
Easter is coming up, but before that we`ve got Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord.  On a completely unrelated note,  Passion Sunday and Palm Sunday used to be two different Sundays (Calendar: Passion Sunday, followed following week week by Palm Sunday, which was followed by Easter Sunday).  Personally, I think they should separate them again. But hey that`s just me.

If anyone wants to learn how to make crosses and crows with palm leaves let me know and I`ll find directions.

Scripture to keep in mind

Six things there are, which the Lord hateth, and the seventh his soul detesteth: [17] Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, [18] A heart that deviseth wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, [19]A deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren. [20] My son, keep the commandments of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother. ***Cf:Douay-Rheims Proverbs 6: 16-20


I declare that I have no intent to acknowledge, distribute or encourage anything contrary to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Apostolic See. I submit myself and all the contents of this blog to the judgment of the Church.