Friday, December 7, 2012

Galadriel Speaks: TTC ID and Pass Not Accepted By TTC Driver

Since Arwen and I had a day off from school we decided to go Christmas shopping.

We get on the bus and I flash my S (high school student)TTC ID and my S (High school Student)TTC Pass to the driver.

The driver stopped me and said that I had to use the P (Post secondary School) Pass.

"but I'm a high school student"

"It doesn't matter" The bus driver said.

A woman who was on the bus with me vouched for me and said "no she's fine" and he still wouldn't accept my  S TTC ID and S. TTC pass.  I could understand if I had a P ID and I was using an S pass but I wasn't.

Grudgingly not wanting to start a war or put the bus out of service, I pay the adult fair and head to the back of the bus.

Now I'm confused if  I have an high school ID S card and an S pass why would I need a P pass
When I got home my mother (who I had called when I had gotten to the Subway station) told me that she had called the TTC and the woman on the line said taht next time I should get off the bus and not pay the fair and take the number of the bus so that when I complain to the TTC they can bring the driver in for 'reeducation'

To all parents, has this ever happened to your kids or is this just for children who live near universities and colleges?

- Galadriel

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