Monday, November 12, 2012

This will be a Remembrance Day Weekend We Wil Remember

Thursday Morning: Frodo and I go to my mom's  When we get back Frodo won't go down for his nap, whinging.  Finally goes down, wakes and has nausea. Frodo has nausea 5 times in four hours.  Take him to doctor:  After the Doctor visits Frodo, conclusion:  The cold he had descended into his stomach and he'll probably be ill for a few days. It will run its course. Nausea will become diarrhea as it moves down and out. Rx:  Keep him hydrated.  Lots of water, don't rush the solid food.  If about electolytes(he hates pedialytes)  add some sugar and a pinch of salt to the water. yadda yadda yadda.. Third kid, many stomach flus and colds before, scary but manageable. One thing I new for sure.  I was getting sick.

Friday AM Frodo is much better, I on the other hand, by the time I hit the subway station closest to home, coming back from taking Arwen to school, and cooking for my mother, nausea hits and I spend time in the subway bathroom. Bear takes day off work, tend to Frodo, who is up and alert and happy and not sick in the least. Not even complaining of tummy ache. Spend day between bed and bathroom. Call my mother a few times to make sure she is okay and Frodo or I didn't inadvertantly contaminate her when we were over. Though I doubt it.  There was no "sickness" suffered at her place by either Frodo or myself so contamination factor was limited where she was concerned.

Friday PM Galadriel comes home.  She agrees to watch Frodo while Bear goes to pick up Arwen.  Arwen puts the bus out of service ten seconds after Bear asks to be let off between stops because she was going to be sick.  They had just turned into the university. It's five P.M.   By the time they get home Bear is felled too.  Galadriel  descends to the basement,  to get away from all the sick people.  She is felled  by 10 p,m.  No one sleeps Friday night except Frodo.

Saturday: Frodo nausea again.  Bear quips This isn't no stinking cold in the stomach.
I am better.  I lay in some supplies. Ginger ale, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Jell-o, and Lysol.I attempt to disinfect the necessary areas.
 Galasriel sleeps all day. 
Arwen, ambulatory, achy, no nausea, some diarrhea.
Bear: sick but ambulatory.

Sunday: Remembrance Day
We unfortunately can't go to mass.  Miss it on TV.  Not the same thing but better than nothing.  Catch the remembrance Day ceremony from Ottawa.  Honour our war dead.  We are the waking dead.  Get Arwen to finish up her Egypt diorama ( in case we miraculously get better by tomorrow.)  Credit to her she did a good job (Remind me to spray the whole thing with Lysol before she takes it to school whenever she goews back. Arwen works on her essay.  Frodo is fine and rambucntious.  Eating rice krispies, and cheerios, and juice and hesitantly I offer milk,- he keeps everything down and is doing fine.  Bear heads out to lay in some more supplies.  Ginger ale and more gingerale

Bear announces : I lost 15 lbs.  We all get the weird fascination to weigh ourselves. Arwen lost 3, I lost 7( Yeah, finally broke that magic number.  Disappointment sets in when I realize that the weight will probably come back when I am properly hydrated.) and Galadriel lost 2.

Today early morning. Frodo is sleeping soundly.  Arwen is in pain, Galadriel is out of it ( They are both staying home, executive decision, assignments due be damned) Bear is uncertain,  but this is his day off anyway so. Me I am still sick but ambulatory.  And my conern this morning after the from hell, the weekend when I was dead to the world: . I am dreading calling my sister and letting her know I cannot care for mother today.  Jeez After all this and talking to my sister is what concerns me.  someting is seriously wrong.

But We will survive cause well Survivor said it well

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