Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So the Mayor of Toronto has been Judiciously removed from Office

Okay, The Honourable Mayor of Toronto has been found guilty of Conflict of Interest charges and is to vacate his office by December 5.  The Mayor's lawyers have stated they will seek an appeal and a stay of the Order until the appeal is heard. I, at this juncture have not heard either on the stay or if a judge is willing to hear the appeal.

This stems from the Mayor asking for donations, to his charity( I believe it was donations to the high school footbal team he coaches) on Mayoral Letterhead. Donations totalled just over $3000.00 which were donated by Lobbyists. 

Now as I can piece this together from the various news sources, the common chronology of events to this story which are those parts to which everyone is agreeing are:

First: The Mayor sends out letters to the Lobbyists on Mayoral Letterhead asking for donations to the High School Football team he coaches.  Some or all of these Lobbyists donate a total of just over $3000.00 The Mayor is informed that he has breached City Council's Code of Conduct by the Integrity Commisioner( one four persons in the Office of Accountablity- which also includes the Auditor General, the Ombudsman, and the Lobbyist Registrar) - by asking for donations to a private charity using city resources, (remember the Mayoral letterhead) and must repay the donations from his own pockets.

The Commissioner's order is brought for a vote at the Municiple Council Meeting.
Second: Then Mayor, at a Council meeting, not only speaks to the issue but also VOTES on whether or not he should be forced to repay the donations out of his own pocket.  (There is video of this, but I am unable to find it at this time.)  At this point he has run afoul of the Provincial Conflict of Interest Law.
Third: A private Toronto Citizen hires lawyer Clayton Ruby, who takes  the case pro bono, to bring the Mayor to court, over the Conflict of Interest Charges.

A judge found Mayor Ford guilty of the breaching the Provincial Conflict of Interest Statute and imposes the mandatory and automatic penalty of removal from office( basically he's been impeached), which the judge said he must do in 14 days.  The judge further order that he cannot run for re-election for the rest of the term. ( The mayoral terms was to end in 2014- when there would have been a Muncipal General Election.)

There are a few things happening at this juncture:

1- The Mayor and his lawyers are going to appeal, and ask for a stay until the appeal is heard. Effectively meaning that the mayor stays until a second judge tells him to leave.As I stated above I have no news as to whether he'll get the hearing or the stay.

2- City Hall has to decide whether to A)  Appoint a "caretaker " Mayor until 204 when the present mayoral term ends and a general municipal election can be heard.  (This would be the most inexpensive option.  The Council would NOT be bound to appoint a councillor, in fact they can choose ANY Torontonian who is a Canadian Citizen.) or B) Hold a by-election, which would cost the City of Toronto 7 million dollars, to have the people of Toronto elect someone to serve the remainder of Rob Ford's Term as Mayor Rob Ford's term as mayor was to end in 2014.

Option B also has other problems.  The Mayor through his lawyers that if they have a by-election he will have his name on the ballot.  He, through his lawyers are arguing that the "term" mentioned in which he cannot run for election is the fourteen days until he must vacate his office. 

Can anyone besides me understand how that is a ridiculous and stubbornly arrogant interpetation of the decision.  BTW the City someone or other has stated that his/her interpetation of the decision is that the mayor cannot run in the by-election, if there is one.  The by-election is to find someone to finish the present mayoral term, that's why it's called a BY-election, hence he cannot run for re election until 2014 .  Does anyone other than me get that? The fourteen days delay the judge gave was a grace period given so that Metro Council could have some time to figure out what they were going to do for a mayor for the next year and something left until the General Election. not a term of office.
Saint Michael, patron of Toronto, please pray for us.  Saint Thomas More pray for us.

I fear that in their zeal to impeach the Mayor, the Mayor's detractors have succeeded in making Mayor Ford a martyr to his most staunch supporters.  And quite frankly that is an insult to all political martyrs, like Saint Thomas More.

Now I have no idea if what I wrote makes sense, but it is as best as I understand it.  If I`ve gotten the FACTS wrong, let me know CHARITABLY in the commbox.  I don't care what YOUR OPINION is.

Oh now, our "illustrious mayor" and his Councillor Brother have decided that if the Mayor cannot run in a by-election and City Hall  decides on a By-Election then The Mayor's Brother will run in the By-election that way there will at least still be a Ford in Office. 

Well maybe the Brother should run in the By-election, and hopefully the good people of my fair city will not let themselves be fooled again by these these politicians.



Freyr said...

Apparently the judge in the case clarified his ruling, saying that Rob Ford could run in a by election to fill his vacated seat. The Integrity Commissioner's report and council vote on it occurred on August 25,2010. The council vote, which Rob Ford participated in, rescinding it's original decision occurred on February 12,2012. The election took place between these two events, with the details of the $3150 donations available to the electorate.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Thank you for clarifying the timeline. I had missed the judge's clarification, but I still think Ford could have handled the whole thing better.

Instead of being confrontational with the commissioner, he oculd have just either a)asked the "charity" to return the monies to the donors in question or 2) he could have just paid it back himself.
But no, instead he reacts with obstinancy and arrogance, openly insults the commissioner, and his Office, quasi threatenting to have him fired, resulting in putting all of Toronto under the headache of cost of a by-election.

I must say I find it odd that the complainant was someone not involved. I could understand if the donors had filed a complaint,( the donor, at least would have something personal to gain) but the complainant had nothing to gain, but toppling the mayor. I am disgusted with all the sides in this matter.

The Mayor's opponents have been out to get him from day one, and yet it cannot be denied the the the Mayor brought himself to this verdict.

This story now officially has more twists and turns, and about faces the The Young and the Restless.

BTW I gave up soap operas by the time I was of voting age.

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