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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So the Mayor of Toronto has been Judiciously removed from Office

Okay, The Honourable Mayor of Toronto has been found guilty of Conflict of Interest charges and is to vacate his office by December 5.  The Mayor's lawyers have stated they will seek an appeal and a stay of the Order until the appeal is heard. I, at this juncture have not heard either on the stay or if a judge is willing to hear the appeal.

This stems from the Mayor asking for donations, to his charity( I believe it was donations to the high school footbal team he coaches) on Mayoral Letterhead. Donations totalled just over $3000.00 which were donated by Lobbyists. 

Now as I can piece this together from the various news sources, the common chronology of events to this story which are those parts to which everyone is agreeing are:

First: The Mayor sends out letters to the Lobbyists on Mayoral Letterhead asking for donations to the High School Football team he coaches.  Some or all of these Lobbyists donate a total of just over $3000.00 The Mayor is informed that he has breached City Council's Code of Conduct by the Integrity Commisioner( one four persons in the Office of Accountablity- which also includes the Auditor General, the Ombudsman, and the Lobbyist Registrar) - by asking for donations to a private charity using city resources, (remember the Mayoral letterhead) and must repay the donations from his own pockets.

The Commissioner's order is brought for a vote at the Municiple Council Meeting.
Second: Then Mayor, at a Council meeting, not only speaks to the issue but also VOTES on whether or not he should be forced to repay the donations out of his own pocket.  (There is video of this, but I am unable to find it at this time.)  At this point he has run afoul of the Provincial Conflict of Interest Law.
Third: A private Toronto Citizen hires lawyer Clayton Ruby, who takes  the case pro bono, to bring the Mayor to court, over the Conflict of Interest Charges.

A judge found Mayor Ford guilty of the breaching the Provincial Conflict of Interest Statute and imposes the mandatory and automatic penalty of removal from office( basically he's been impeached), which the judge said he must do in 14 days.  The judge further order that he cannot run for re-election for the rest of the term. ( The mayoral terms was to end in 2014- when there would have been a Muncipal General Election.)

There are a few things happening at this juncture:

1- The Mayor and his lawyers are going to appeal, and ask for a stay until the appeal is heard. Effectively meaning that the mayor stays until a second judge tells him to leave.As I stated above I have no news as to whether he'll get the hearing or the stay.

2- City Hall has to decide whether to A)  Appoint a "caretaker " Mayor until 204 when the present mayoral term ends and a general municipal election can be heard.  (This would be the most inexpensive option.  The Council would NOT be bound to appoint a councillor, in fact they can choose ANY Torontonian who is a Canadian Citizen.) or B) Hold a by-election, which would cost the City of Toronto 7 million dollars, to have the people of Toronto elect someone to serve the remainder of Rob Ford's Term as Mayor Rob Ford's term as mayor was to end in 2014.

Option B also has other problems.  The Mayor through his lawyers that if they have a by-election he will have his name on the ballot.  He, through his lawyers are arguing that the "term" mentioned in which he cannot run for election is the fourteen days until he must vacate his office. 

Can anyone besides me understand how that is a ridiculous and stubbornly arrogant interpetation of the decision.  BTW the City someone or other has stated that his/her interpetation of the decision is that the mayor cannot run in the by-election, if there is one.  The by-election is to find someone to finish the present mayoral term, that's why it's called a BY-election, hence he cannot run for re election until 2014 .  Does anyone other than me get that? The fourteen days delay the judge gave was a grace period given so that Metro Council could have some time to figure out what they were going to do for a mayor for the next year and something left until the General Election. not a term of office.
Saint Michael, patron of Toronto, please pray for us.  Saint Thomas More pray for us.

I fear that in their zeal to impeach the Mayor, the Mayor's detractors have succeeded in making Mayor Ford a martyr to his most staunch supporters.  And quite frankly that is an insult to all political martyrs, like Saint Thomas More.

Now I have no idea if what I wrote makes sense, but it is as best as I understand it.  If I`ve gotten the FACTS wrong, let me know CHARITABLY in the commbox.  I don't care what YOUR OPINION is.

Oh now, our "illustrious mayor" and his Councillor Brother have decided that if the Mayor cannot run in a by-election and City Hall  decides on a By-Election then The Mayor's Brother will run in the By-election that way there will at least still be a Ford in Office. 

Well maybe the Brother should run in the By-election, and hopefully the good people of my fair city will not let themselves be fooled again by these these politicians.


Monday, November 19, 2012

The World is Lucky I am NOT God

I am still pissed off with several people.  I am feeling very much disappointed and let down.  I was thinking to myself:

The World is so lucky that I am not God, 'cause quite frankly I would have given up on the whole planet a long time ago.  In fact, I would love to give up on a few people.

And then God slammed me upside the head with a two by four.

If I won't give up on the world,  you won't give up on them

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Warning I am Pissed Off

I am damned angry with everyone.  Everyone, indiscriminitely angry.  In the past few weeks, but especially in the last week,  I have been yelled, blamed and bullied at by anyone and everyone with whom I have come in contact, with very few exceptions. And what is worse: I have been responding in kind.

My patron saints for this year apparently are Cyril and Methodius, known for bringing peace to warring factions, and not less than 2 days after receiving them as patron saints than war breaks out from several sides. (I may have mentioned this before but, I strongly surmise that God has an hilarious sense of humour)

I'm starting to think the hermits had it right.  Saint John the Baptist was perfectly healthy while he was alone -he was fine until he dealt with people then he lost his head.

People are just plain mean.

I'm going Christmas Shopping and then catch a movie.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Forgiveness without apologies

Any ideas.  My sister can say horrible things, especially when she is stressed. We all do.  Yet when I do I call her back and apologize, if not for the message, at least for the tone, or the manner in which I said it.  And she usually accepts my apology by making me endure how awful I was. Actually I don't know if she has ever accepted an apology, since she will bring things up later. Yet when the situation is reversed and she explodes on me, she never apologizes and if I should dare to mention it she is offended that I would even bring it upsaying:  Couldn't you just let it go? Why do I even bother to apologize if I never receive one back.  If I am expected to forgive without even having the right to acknowlege that I was wronged, and if my errors are magnified and thrown back in my face why do I bother?

War Memorial in Coronation Park Defaced by Muslims

And we will just wash it off and pretend that it's just some misunderstood kid who needs our patience and forgiveness.  The Police will charge the vandal and s/he/they will face a prison term for vandalism. 
I find it odd that in the news program they only repeat the Canada will burn:  not the rest of the phrase. 

This will be a Remembrance Day Weekend We Wil Remember

Thursday Morning: Frodo and I go to my mom's  When we get back Frodo won't go down for his nap, whinging.  Finally goes down, wakes and has nausea. Frodo has nausea 5 times in four hours.  Take him to doctor:  After the Doctor visits Frodo, conclusion:  The cold he had descended into his stomach and he'll probably be ill for a few days. It will run its course. Nausea will become diarrhea as it moves down and out. Rx:  Keep him hydrated.  Lots of water, don't rush the solid food.  If about electolytes(he hates pedialytes)  add some sugar and a pinch of salt to the water. yadda yadda yadda.. Third kid, many stomach flus and colds before, scary but manageable. One thing I new for sure.  I was getting sick.

Friday AM Frodo is much better, I on the other hand, by the time I hit the subway station closest to home, coming back from taking Arwen to school, and cooking for my mother, nausea hits and I spend time in the subway bathroom. Bear takes day off work, tend to Frodo, who is up and alert and happy and not sick in the least. Not even complaining of tummy ache. Spend day between bed and bathroom. Call my mother a few times to make sure she is okay and Frodo or I didn't inadvertantly contaminate her when we were over. Though I doubt it.  There was no "sickness" suffered at her place by either Frodo or myself so contamination factor was limited where she was concerned.

Friday PM Galadriel comes home.  She agrees to watch Frodo while Bear goes to pick up Arwen.  Arwen puts the bus out of service ten seconds after Bear asks to be let off between stops because she was going to be sick.  They had just turned into the university. It's five P.M.   By the time they get home Bear is felled too.  Galadriel  descends to the basement,  to get away from all the sick people.  She is felled  by 10 p,m.  No one sleeps Friday night except Frodo.

Saturday: Frodo nausea again.  Bear quips This isn't no stinking cold in the stomach.
I am better.  I lay in some supplies. Ginger ale, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Jell-o, and Lysol.I attempt to disinfect the necessary areas.
 Galasriel sleeps all day. 
Arwen, ambulatory, achy, no nausea, some diarrhea.
Bear: sick but ambulatory.

Sunday: Remembrance Day
We unfortunately can't go to mass.  Miss it on TV.  Not the same thing but better than nothing.  Catch the remembrance Day ceremony from Ottawa.  Honour our war dead.  We are the waking dead.  Get Arwen to finish up her Egypt diorama ( in case we miraculously get better by tomorrow.)  Credit to her she did a good job (Remind me to spray the whole thing with Lysol before she takes it to school whenever she goews back. Arwen works on her essay.  Frodo is fine and rambucntious.  Eating rice krispies, and cheerios, and juice and hesitantly I offer milk,- he keeps everything down and is doing fine.  Bear heads out to lay in some more supplies.  Ginger ale and more gingerale

Bear announces : I lost 15 lbs.  We all get the weird fascination to weigh ourselves. Arwen lost 3, I lost 7( Yeah, finally broke that magic number.  Disappointment sets in when I realize that the weight will probably come back when I am properly hydrated.) and Galadriel lost 2.

Today early morning. Frodo is sleeping soundly.  Arwen is in pain, Galadriel is out of it ( They are both staying home, executive decision, assignments due be damned) Bear is uncertain,  but this is his day off anyway so. Me I am still sick but ambulatory.  And my conern this morning after the from hell, the weekend when I was dead to the world: . I am dreading calling my sister and letting her know I cannot care for mother today.  Jeez After all this and talking to my sister is what concerns me.  someting is seriously wrong.

But We will survive cause well Survivor said it well

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day Ceremony

10:57.20 ~ O CANADA
10:58.40~  LAST POST
11:00 ~ 1102.00 ~ SILENCE

1104.15 ~ ROUSE


They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We will remember them.

RESPONSE: We will remember them




Saturday, November 10, 2012

11 for 11 Canadian Hero Fund

To learn how to give to the Canadian Hero Fund
Click on image

Top 11 acts of Remembrance

1.Wear a poppy.

2.Write a letter to a soldier overseas.

3.Thank a solider when you see one.

4.Wear Red on Friday (Nov. 5)

5.Do a small act of kindness for someone in appreciation of our great country that our soldiers keep safe every day.

6.Play the Highway of Heroes song at your school Remembrance Day ceremony.

7.Take the time to learn about Canada’s rich military history and our huge sacrifices.

8.Help a military family with a loved one overseas.

9.Start a ‘Get Well’ Card for an injured soldier in your community.

10.Sport the yellow ribbon on your jacket or your bumper.

11.Attend a Remembrance Day ceremony.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Patron Saint of Landlords

Who is the patron saint of Landlords. I notice that landlords don't seem to have any one in heaven to intercede to God on their behalf. Seems a little unfair. Landlords. Does anyone out their know who is the patron saint of landlords(ladies)?

Scripture to keep in mind

Six things there are, which the Lord hateth, and the seventh his soul detesteth: [17] Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, [18] A heart that deviseth wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, [19]A deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren. [20] My son, keep the commandments of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother. ***Cf:Douay-Rheims Proverbs 6: 16-20


I declare that I have no intent to acknowledge, distribute or encourage anything contrary to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Apostolic See. I submit myself and all the contents of this blog to the judgment of the Church.