Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why O Why Didn't I Pick Up on the Cues

Months o many months ago Frodo learned to drink from a sippy cup.. Not much, he really didn't like it but hey he learned to get the milk, water, juice what have you from the sippy cup to the  his mouth and swallow into his stomach.  But he had the awful habit of turning his sippy cup over until the valve came off and the liquid sprinkled all over the floor, his chair, himself.  So I put kept him on the bottle for most of the day and only had him on a few sips from the sippy cup throughout the day. Actually this is a poor excuse he used to sprinkle the furniture using his bottle too.  So I could have weaned him months ago.  But he would wake up at night and well someone in the house thought it was just easier to get him back to  bed with a bottle, at two in the morning whatever works, right??  Well try getting him back to bed at 2 am now that there is no nipple in the house.

Then I stopped giving him the sippy cup, it just got confusing and tiring.  Really he knew that sooner or later in the day he was getting a bottle so why actually drink from the cup. What I should have done was throw out the bottles at the first sign he knew how to drink from the sippy cup.  And tell someone to rock him to sleep.  BUT NOOOOOOO, did I, no. 

Now, I am not a complete and utter idiot. He does sleep without the bottle.  Actually he stopped having a bottle at bedtime himself, he prefers to be rocked to sleep. And his last of the nipples tore so I just haven't replaced the nipple.  And today, he is just plain sulking.  I am going to have to just tough it out for the next few days.  (Arwen stopped nursing completely and on to a straight cup- no spout in two days at 18 months.) I could kick my self.  I should have done this when he was 8 months ago. Why was I so completely distracted.

Honestly, Frodo has figured out how to buckle his stroller restraints. and today just learned to turn a door handle and push the door open( bathroom door no less.  He can also unlock the front door. and climb and descend stairs.  So why is he fighting learning to drink only from a cup. He doesn't need it to soothe himself, he prefers hugs and more hugs. so what's going on?

I don't expect sympathy.  And don't tell me what I should have done.  Just writing what's going on.

Thanksgiving Day is Monday.  After he is comfortably off the bottle.  I am getting him potty trained.  It's time.  He takes his diaper off when he's wet/soiled or when he is going to wet or soil it.  Time to train.  If I don't succeed during Thanksgiving Week, then Christmas fortnight for sure.  Someone  had better understand that I know what has to be done and should defer to me.

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ignorant redneck said...

Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh the Politically Incorrect memories that gives me!

Good luck with Frodo--our 1 y/o grandkid is kind of into cups now, but LOVES empty beer bottles!

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