Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What do conservative Christians and Muslim parents have in common: UPDATED

More comming. But for now guess

For the Whole Story as written in the Free Daily

Some of the comments on that website miss the point.

I have children in the Catholic school Board.  And my daughters tell me what they have been taught over the years.  There have been times when Bear and I have had to correct the teacher's history lesson, the civics' lesson (apparently according to this teacher Canada does NOT have a Reigning Monarch) and yes even religion lessons.  I don't know if I'd want to know the timeline so as to pull my daughter out of the class, but rather so I could correct the teaching at home. To explain that while people have those philosophies and lifestyles that that doesn't mean they HAVE to live that way. or they HAVE to agree with the teaching.

There is a big difference between teaching that children must respect people regardless of what the other person's religious, social, and political philosophies are or to which s/he or his/her parents adhere and being taught that it is perfectly acceptable to use ABC or live the gay lifestyle.

And, because someone is going to ask: If any of my children think they might have SSA while still in school, then I would give them the same advice I give my children if they don't have SSA: You are too young to be having ANY sex. ABC doesn't completely protect one against all the harm that sex at that age can cause, including exacerbating the confusion that all young people have.

Every one is trying to prevent children from having unsafe sex. That is commendable.  What are they doing to prevent kids from having ANY kind of sex? It is insanity to tell kids NOT to have sex, but then teach them how to ahead and do whatever they want without suffering repercussions. Have these educators forgotten a truism when it comes to children: Kids are notorious for trying to "get away with doing something they weren't supposed to be doing." The threat and fear of getting caught is a great dimotivational  tool.

Tell them NO SEX of ANY KIND, because it is wrong at their age. Don't dilute the message then by then saying: Oh but if you want to go ahead and have sex, you can use these things to mitigate the risks. Shere crap.

Tell them NO DRUGS because it is illegal, and they will end up in jail.


ignorant redneck said...

A totally out of step with mainstream society concern for the morality and values our children learn in school?

Left-footer said...

I'm in total agreement with you, and have tweeted and facebooked.

Thank you, and God bless!

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