Friday, September 14, 2012

Pope in Lebanon!. TTC messed up. NHL lockout??

Prayers needed
1.  Holy Father, German Shepherd of Faithful Catholics, is in Lebanon.

2. For Torontonians, the Spadina line is closed due to a TTC worker having been struck and killed by a train.  (Arwen is staying home- no way I can manoeuvre a stroller onto CROWDED Shuttle buses.  Anyway fellow Catholics you know curses are going to be flying around the TTC today.(( Though the subway is closed only from Downsview to Lawrence West, the Wilson Yards are closed and so there are fewer trains on the line so everything is going to be crowded and slow)  Remember to pray for the one who died, and the one injured, and the ones who forget themselves and curse today because they have been inconvenienced.

.5  (Galadriel still went to school, she will brave the Shuttle Buses I try to be overprotective, she tries to school me.--fail)

Puff:If you are unsure, just ask someone in a TTC uniform where you are supposed to take the shuttle buses.
Galadriel, "No, really? I thought I should just close my eyes spin three times and point and take whatever bus I see when I open my yes.-Sheesh"
Puff: Yeah, okay, do that.
Galadriel: Mom!
Puff: What?! Go. Be good, I'll call the school and let them know you might be late.
Galadriel: Bye

(She is walking sideways out the door, looking at me like I'm sending her into the lion's den.Well, honestly she's catholic, the feeling should be like second nature, fie, like first nature.)

It wasn't until later when I realized that what I should have also told her was if the TTC is completely messed up just come back home. I'll ask her Guardian angel to guide her home if that is best.

3. The National Hockey League and the Players union are having a dispute that might lead to a lock out at this juncture.  Remember the average Canadian, remember that we have a VERY long winter, remember that without hockey we Canadians can very easily suffer snowblindess (no colourful jerseys), and Hockey Night in Canada confusion and ennui.We will have to settle for the dramas and the sitcoms. That is an unnatural thing to do on a traditional hockey night.  The lockout will lead to unimaginable withdrawal symptoms of not seeing the Leafs lose, every week. It might have the unthinkable effect of people, normal people, deciding to get off there duffs and support the pee wee and junior leagues, or scoff, head to the rink and play.  Kids might actually decide to play street hockey- Car!. Prayers definitely needed.

Please pray for me, that goes without saying.

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