Saturday, September 29, 2012

Motion 312 vote Defeated

Motion 312: To strike a committee to study the criminal code's definition of when human life begins was defeated by a vote of
203 nays/contres to 91 ayes/pours
Interesting votes: PM Harper voted against the motion, actually no that isn't a surprise.
                         Minister Ambrose for the Status of Women voted FOR the motion, she is getting slack big time.  Pray for her. She is conflicted,   She said she voted in favour of the motion because she is concerned about the violence against women through gender based abortions.  She may through this conflict come to the pro-life side. So pray for her.

I Name the HP craven.  You couldn't even muster the courage to discuss the science of life.

They who had the courage to redefine marriage without so much as referencing a dictionary, a lexicon, a religious minister of any denomination, couldn't even consider seeking knowledge and advice from scientists, biologists, people who are considered experts in this field what the accurate definition of human being should be.  CRAVENS all 203

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