Saturday, August 11, 2012

Real Estate Agents Dumming Up Business

No that is not necessarily a typo, and Bear I was not referring to Dummer Township.

A real estate agent knocks on my mother's door

REA:  Hello, are you the lady of the house?

Puff: AH no, but the homeowner is 86 years old and doesn't speak English ( actually she speaks English fine, unless I'm around and then she doesn't, because I am around to translate for her.  If you understand I don't have to explain, and if you don't understand, no explanation will suffice) Anyway, since I was there the statement is in fact true and honest.  I'm her daughter and can speak for her.  HOw can I help you?

REA: Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a home in the area.  Are you or someone you know thinking of selling.

Puff: At the present moment, no she wants to keep her home as she is still using it.  When she stops using it, my sister and I will probably sell then. 

REA:  Do you think you might be selling in the next few months? handing me her card

Puff: Giving the card back. Takes a step back into the hall, and closes the door.

Mom:  What did she want?

Puff: Wanted to know if you were thinking of selling?

Mom: What did you say?

Puff: I said that you were using the house at the present time, and when you stopped using it it might go up for sale. Then, she asked if we would be selling in the next few months.

Mom:   Starts to ask What did you say???  Light dawning she starts to laugh You are horrible.

All that and I am the horrible one?  Great, just great

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