Monday, August 27, 2012

Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul

of my great aunt, Maria Laura.  She died on Saturday, 91 years old.  Visitation tomorrow and Funeral Wednesday 10 a.m.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

AS for the exact relationship to me
Her father was my great grandmother's brother.
That made her my grandmother's 1st cousin
My father's 1st cousin once removed
and my 1st cousin twice removed,
but we called her "aunt" out of respect for her age and generation.

The odd part is she was the only one in the family who was able to point out to my dad who his mother was in a photograph.  (My father lost his mother when he was two and didn't remember her.) When I gifted my father a portrait of his mother, he took it straight to his aunt and asked if the likeness was correct, and she said yes. I remember my dad crying and then spent hours just staring at the portrait.  It seems odd, but she was the main connection to my grandmother.

The very few who read this blog will understand this next line:  The eagle head is now known.


The Ranter said...

Your family has my prayers. God's blessings upon you all.

LarryD said...

Prayers coming. My condolences for you and your family.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Thank you. YOur condolences are very much appreciated.

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