Friday, August 24, 2012

On Potty training

There is pre-training and the actual training.

Pre-training is the months before the actual potty training.  Get the child interested in the potty.  Sit him up on the potty when he wakes up in the morning or from his nap.  This is pre-training, this is actually training you.  Watch your child.  Mine has developed the habit of pulling down his diaper. So I will sit him up.  But so far it is hit and miss.

He really isn't ready, but I am pre-training.  Waiting for the right time.  When the signs all come together.  The main one being that he KNOWS he is voiding or evacuating and can vocalize it. That's the most important part: he needs to have words.  Frodo was a little delayed in his first word.  He picks up words more and more, but doesn't have complete sentences yet.  So one thing at a time.  First he gets the words, while he is pre-training, and then hopefully by Christmas or next summer full tilt potty training.

With both  my girls, I pre-trained for about a 1/2 year first ( testing their readiness)  and then when all the signs were right just took off the diaper and let them walk around in their dresses ( they were both trained in the summer) when they started leaking rush them to the potty stool. After the first day, they would run to the potty on their own.  By the forth day I put them in underwear, and by the seventh day they were keeping the underwear dry all day. They were already waking up in the morning dry, which meant their bladders were large enough to hold a good amount. Gal. was potty trained at about three and Arwen was two and a half.  Both were potty trained in the summer: summer makes walking around sans diaper easier and having less clothing one makes it easier to manoeuvre in and out of clothes.

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