Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am redoing my sidebar

several of the links on my sidebar are pretty much dead, or rarely undated.

I am interested in maybe visiting other blogs.  If you have any that you think are interesting let me know.

Also if you want to stay on my sidebar let me know.

I haven't been reading many of the blogs that are there.  It seems to be associated with the general ennui I have regarding EVERYTHING not just blogging.

So I thought if I just shook things up ( you know like the PM shuffles his cabinet) might I don't know make me feel better.

2, This one prolly better for Vox if he drops by

I need some decent funeral hymns (not needed NOW, but it takes longer than the three days one usually gets to prepare a funeral mass

I would like to start with Eterno Riposo ( in italian, except the version I found doesn't have the versicles from Ezra just the antiphon.  I guess it could be repeated as necessary

The Ordinary will be either Italian, Jubilate Deo, or the New ICEL Mass 

Communion will be Humbly we adore thee  Or God Head in Here Hiding

The Post Communion would be "Mira il Tuo Popolo" A marian hymn

Song of Farewell: Saints of God (trying to find it in Italian)

And Reverse Processional : In Paradisum (prolly in Latin)

Offertory has be stumped:  I was thinking of  Dal Profondo, but that isn't exactly an Offertory Hymn

Any ideas for an offertory hymn or motet in Italian that can be sung by a cantor not a choir would be great


Amanda Borenstadt said...

That's a good idea to redo your sidebar. I haven't done that in a while. Last time I did, I realized I had dead links.

Freyr said...

You want a live link...

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