Thursday, August 23, 2012

Expaining My Self Pitying Post Below

First: thanks to my commenters, both of you, for your love.

Second: Allow me to point out that I know that there are those who love me.  Bear, Gal, Arwen, and Frodo ( Okay- about Frodo- not sure yet- but he gives me kisses on my cheeks, yay-- and then follows that up by blowing raspberries on my cheeks -Okay he's a work in process, when it comes to loving, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt right now.) My mom.

Thirdly: I should point out that I was being saracastic. That day all heck had broken loose and it felt like everything had landed on my shoulders and everything had to be fixed a week ago.  Someone   had dumped her worries and concerns on me - loudly, unjustly blaming me for everything,  and expected me to have everthing fixed by the proverbial yesterday. And to boot I had pink eye and my allergies were up.

I sat down to  to have a cup of coffee, the cat came by, I go to pet the darn cat and she jumps away. And I make my comment. Arwen does not suffer self-pity kindly.  Hence her comment. 

Arwen was, in her inimittable  way saying that the people who don't love me just don't know me yet.

I should have mentioned that I laughed, no actually I cracked up.
It was up there with: One billion Chinese don't care.

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