Sunday, August 19, 2012

Canada Remembers the Dieppe Raid

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Apparently, from what I can figure out from the History channel Special I am watching, is just a different way of telling me that 3000+ wounded and killed Canadians were sent in as a cover for the secret 30th Assault Unit, created by Ian Fleming, to steal intelligence to help break the German code. 

Doesn't change anything.  Our boys were still sent in as shock troops.  The worst part of this is The Canadians weren't even told the true reason for the horrifically failed raid.


Mitchell Smith said...

I'm not even sure that the "diversion" idea is valid. I was taught that the raid was an experiment to see how to land a large element, including tanks, on European Shore.

We remember the Dieppe raid too. It's not well known, but American Rangers were along, more to observe, and from this event the whole way of training Rangers was changed, and this effect is still felt Today.

The Canadian Sacrifice on the beaches was tragic, and perhaps even a horrible misuse of Canadian Commandos as cannon fodder, I can't say.

But I can say this--among US professional Soldiers, the events a Dieppe are remembered, and the pride we feel in our Canadian Allies, and the admiration we hold them in is still there.

So, Thank you Canada, for helping rid the world of Nazi tyranny and murder. And I hope that the UK never treats you or your soldiers so again.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Thank you.

Scripture to keep in mind

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