Thursday, July 19, 2012

The key to clean bedrooms: Clothes Hangers

I look around the bedrooms and I see clothing strewn all over the floor and on top of dressers. And I came to the realization that I have been asking the girls to clean and organize their room, and yet they can't because they don't have enough clothes hangers. I blame the stores. It used to be that when one went clothes shopping the hanger would come home with your purchase. But as of late, store either display the clothing (jeans t-shirts) folded on tables or the cashiers remove and retain the hangers when you reach the check out. This results in our having to purchase clothes hangers. Walmart sells a brand 30 hangers for about $7. that is about a quarter (23.3c) a hanger. Couldn't Walmart just let us keep the hangers and add the quarter like they add 5c for the plastic bag???


mary333 said...

Hi Puff,
We are always short of hangers over here too. I never used to have to buy them but I do now. I like to hang most clothes rather than fold them because they don't wrinkle that way.

My daughter leaves clothes everywhere, hangers or no hangers :(

thedivinelamp said...

"I blame the stores"

Would you be my mommy? As long as I can remember, the stores here in America have taken the hangers at the cash register, not giving them out as part of the sale. When my mom gets on the warpath about the state of my bedroom I've attempted to use the "not enough hangers" defense; but my mother merely points to the empty pizza boxes and the rat dropping in my bedroom to prove that I am indeed a pig-lack of hangers be damned.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Galadriel does not eat pizza in her room; she isn't allowed to eat anything in her room.

Your mommy??? Hmm

Okay, well, first get me a letter of reference from "your current mother," and well as any other mothers for whom you've held the position of son.

Please submit letters of reference from any and all sibings for Galadriel, Arwen, and Frodo to consider as you will be also applying for the position of their brother.

IF, and it is a strong IF, they are acceptable, Bear will schedule an interview.

thedivinelamp said...

My mother always insisted that if you can do it yourself, you WILL do it yourself. I became responsible for cleaning my own room at about the age of seven. She still did the vacuuming until I became large enough to wrestle it upstairs on my own.

My mother is refusing any letter of reference, her position being that the Yankee greenbacks she's offering-which it is rumored may be worth something again, someday-ought to be enough incentive to take me in.

Can Frodo read, or should my sister just draw a series of pictures?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Your mother said what. Hmm.

Considering... analyzing.... computing... repeat.

Okay. Galadriel is a slob. Her defence is not she doesn't have enough hangers it's: It's my room and I should be able to do anything with it or leave it in any state that I want. Besides it's not like anyone is going to see it.

Which is a valid position, as long as 1) she attracts no vermin 2) she doesn't dirty her clean clothes BEFORE she has worn them increasing the laundry for Bear, and me. As for vacuuming she puts every thing on her bed, vaccums, and then puts everything back on the floor.

Hence my capitulating on the hangers for her.

Arwen ACTUALLY CLEANS her side of the room. But in doing so, she stores her art supplies in her dresser and has no place for her clothes. She hangs them in the "rafters" like she is drying them on the line.

Hence getting her more hangers

I should mention they have a huge closet that takes up entire wall and it is empty because of the lack of hangers. Right now it hold a huge doll house.
Frodo has a dresser but he pulls everything out of them, His toys he is starting to put them away bu the clothes he puts in the hamper not back in the drawer.

Hence his need for hangers.
A series of pictures for Frodo would be acceptable. But the girls insist on letters, detailing what it's like having you for a brother.

Please convey my regards to your mother. She has raised you well. And I fear I might undo a lot of the good she has done in raising you and developing your character. I don't think I could do any better. Send her my regrets but alas I must refuse the greenback for two reasons: 1) It is not legal tender here, and 2)there is this pesky little law in Canada's Criminal code against selling offspring here, no matter how old.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Arwen hangs her clothes on the "rafters" of her loft bed.

thedivinelamp said...

"But the girls insist on letters, detailing what it's like having you for a brother"

Given what my sister is not afraid of telling my dates concerning my life, I can only imagine the details she'd go into with perspective sisters. I'm afraid I'm going to have to withdraw.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Ah, well yes, that might be the best.

You might not fare well having two sisters instead of one.

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