Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Women are smarter than men!!?

It took ehow many studies to prove this.

Just a few thoughts/reactions:

1. They really needed a bunch of studies to prove that.  Honestly.  And yet feminists strive to be equal to men. Does anyone, besides me, see how they keep shooting themselves in the feet?

Did I ever mention that I am 95% feminist?

This whole parity-with-men crap is 1 out of the 5 percents with which I never agreed. I mean why would I seek parity when we are naturally better, in so many ways? When women try to get equal to men they get more stupid: case in point: women priests-'nough said.

2. Maybe they should study the difference in the mental acuity of women who embrace their femininity and those who strive to be manly.

3. It explains why God created us male and female. (If you are a woman you understand, and don't need an explanation, and if you are a man, you won't, can't understand, so an explanation will not help)

Could it be we were never to be in competition with each other?

We are supposed to help each other.
We work together, like cogs in a wheel.

4. Well, at least this settles the issue.. at least until the next set of studies which prove a) that IQ tests are bunk, or b) studies such as these are useless and meaningless.

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