Friday, June 1, 2012


4. Mary333 at The Beautiful Gate has hit me up for a meme, because she was hit up for a meme by some one else, though he got the idea from one of her posts, so really it's all her fault.

Here be the rules

1. You must write this post while looking somewhat ridiculous.

2. Next you must tell us something funny or silly about yourself; or something that happened to you that made you look ridiculous. 

3. Then LINK to three other people and invite them to join the Meme.

4. Finally don't forget to LINK back to the person who invited you so that your readers can read about them and join in the laughter.

1. As for me looking somewhat ridiculous, that is my usual state of being, so really, what do you want to me to describe the hilarity that is the usual me. But no I think I am supposed look extra ridiculous.  It looks like I am supposed to describe how I look.  I am awful at describing how I look, but rest assured I always look ridiculous especially when my most recently birthed child is under the age of 5.  When any of my children are between birth and 5, I barely get a chance to shower let alone comb my hair.  So I got into the habit of just putting it into a bun.  That is normal, add to this particular week that Frodo hasn't slept well due to an ear infection and heck, I can't stay awake enough to groom. But I digress.  Every fifth day, I make time to shower and then brush out the rat's nest. So tonight is day five.  I took my shower and I am half way through combing out a massive knot. When I made the mistake of firing up Arwen's notebook and visited Mary.  So I have left my comb in my hair, actually this allows me to give my scalp a break from the pain. 

2.  Okay something silly about myself or something that made me look ridiculous or embarrassed me. Okay.
Let's see.  I must be getting old 'cause I haven't thought of any, well any that I haven't already blogged about.  But then again I could almost swear I have early onset Alzheimer's so... I did what anyone in my position would do and asked the much younger Arwen.  The answer I got was, "Well..... there was the time you fell on the bus,  and you were embarrassed..(because I had tripped over my own boots and the folded up granny cart, and I told the driver I was okay and I just wanted to just go home, but the driver was a stickler for rules and he put the whole bus out of service to fill out the accident report and when I refused to cooperate explaining that I wasn't hurt and reiterating it was my own fault, and I was OKAY really, the driver called his supervisor  because I was being uncooperative, and I was  forced to say my name while everyone on the bus could overhear.)..You were really embarrassed but you didn't look silly, you looked really peeved.  You really should be invited to do a meme about making other people look stupid, you do that really well.

Leave it to Arwen to have all the answers  

3. I name Bear, my dh. over at Spirit's Sword.  He needs to be humbled a little.  Since Mary333 admitted that she thought of Bear too,  he is a freebie so he doesn't count as one of the three

   i.  I name Brother Philip Neri Powell OP PhD at Hanc Aquam
   ii. I name Larry D at Acts of the Apostacy
   iii. I name Terry Nelson over at Abbey-Roads

 and 4. I did at the very beginning

UPDATE:  For those of you who don't know, like Mary333, but the one of the left is a Granny Cart, not to be confused with a shopping cart, below


mary333 said...

You really didn't think I'd pass up the chance to read something like this, did you?! If I ever visit you, remind me to come on day five, would you? Just don't forget to pull the comb out of your hair if you have any errands to run today. I already take the blame for half the SBD's in the world and I'd rather not take the blame for a wacky new hair trend right now if you don't mind ;)

Were they combat boots? I assume from Arwen's remark that this was the case. What the heck is a granny cart anyway?

If it's any consolation Puff, you can join me and Vicky in our "Old Hags Club". The requirements are very simple:

1.Must be at least forty (or close to it).
2. Must have a few strange wiry hairs growing in unusual places on the body such as the cheek or one sprouting out of the chin that needs to be plucked (if one remembers because early Alzheimer's is another condition for membership).
3. Must look like a hag with dark circles under the eyes at least 7 days out of the week.

In your case, I think we can skip the chin whisker requirement because you seem to fulfill all the other conditions nicely :)

By the way, if it's any consolation to you I have the same problem and my daughter is eight!

mary333 said...

Oh yes, and I'm the one who reads the insomnia prayer on Bear's site all the time. Haven't slept through the night in at least 12 years. I have raccoon circles around my eyes. Maybe God will bless us both with some sleep. Soon, I hope :)

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

No I'd pass the chin whiskers, heck I could loan a few for any who don't meet that requirement.

mary333 said...

No thanks, Puff - I'd rather tweeze than shave. Kind of you to offer though...I always knew you had a big heart (area);)

Okay, I've seen "granny carts" before. I thought they were called shopping carts. Is that one yours?

Victor S E Moubarak said...

This is a great HEEE HEEE story. Which actually happened to me too some time ago. The bus stopped suddenly and as I was standing in the aisle I fell.

The bus driver insisted on filling in a report. I refused to co-operate. So he pushed me and tripped me again and said: "There ... now we can fill in the report!"

God bless.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Mary, No. I got that image off the net somewhere or other.

My Mother's cart is all black, but aside from the fact that the pictured one is red, it's pretty much the same cart.

I updated the post again and have an image of what WE here in Canada call a shopping cart.

And no they weren't army boots, they were my ordinary winter boots. And I tripped over my shoes as I tried to manoeuvre the folded cart to a seat and got twisted up.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Victor, he didn't really push you down did he. Here you could have charged him with assault.

mary333 said...

Our shopping carts look like the ones on the right too but some stores have the tall skinny type and they look sort of like your "granny cart". We have beach carts that look like them too. Most of the grannies around here drive in granny mobiles now. They have good sized carts on them too.

Vicky said...

I'm really impressed by this because, if it had happened to me, I probably would have apologised to the bus driver for hurting myself and filled out the form for him. I probably would have grovelled to the other passengers, too, for causing so much trouble, and then, I would have slunk off to hide my shame by walking home - but then, I'm a wimp:-D

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