Monday, June 25, 2012


11 Questions for My Fiends

1. Do you cut your sandwiches into squares or triangles?
I used to cut Nutella sandwiches into triangles, but  they would remnind  me of the Blessed Trinity, and then I'd feel guilty about eating it so I take a cookie cutter and make them round. and called them TADA Wheels

2. Do you know Beethoven as one of the greatest composers who ever lived or as a big dog in a rather ordinary children's movie?

3. What colour is your toothbrush? And, is your toothbrush interchangeable with your spouse's? With their full knowledge and consent??
White and green. No.NO
4. Do you stir your coffee left to right or right to left? And do you ding the top of the cup until the rest of the family starts yelling blue murder?
I have no idea what you mean left to right or right to left; I stir clockwise. No.  I'm the family member who screams bluemurder when  someone else does it.

5. Is perspicacious part of your vocabulary?
I have a keen understanding that this question is not what is appears to be.  The question is to determine whether or not the player understands the meaning of the word, not so much whether or not, you use the word on a regular basis.

6. Do you ever wear odd socks? And, if so, do you always start the day by saying you hope you don't die today?
I don't wear socks or stockings for 11 /12 months of the year. In February, where I might be tempted to wear socks I generally make sure that they are paired.  Further to that, what few pairs of socks I buy, I buy all the same so they are easy to match up.

7. What was Donatello before he became a world-famous Ninja turtle?
The Italian Renaissance Artist (painter) Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (@1386 – December 13, 1466)

8. Does your exercise regime challenge more than your Wii controller muscles?
 I would per force have to say yes, because I have no Wii Console or Controller. I exercise the old fashioned way: stationary bike watching TV

9. What are the names of Donald Duck's nephews?
Huey, Dewey and Louis

10. Do you laugh hysterically at your own jokes? At Confession???
No, and yes: Yes: I have laughed hysterically at jokes that I want to tell, but can never get out the punch line because I am laughing so hysterically.  No: I don't actually get to tell my joke so......
Confession: Are you serious.  My sins are not funny, I can't even say they are exciting, more along the lines of putting the priest to sleep.

11. And, lastly, for fans of the brilliant Charles Schulz, have you ever had reason to call any of your children 'Pigpen'?
On a daily basis.  Galadriel isw such a slob..........  O Never mind

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mary333 said...

Bear twisted your arm on number two, didn't he?! Tell him that's cheating!
Gee, I could have sworn Donatello was a Renaissance ground type Pokemom (hmmm...maybe I'm thinking of Turtwig)

Loved number one!

Good idea on the sock thing though...

Fill Galadriel's room with the dirty socks from February - that'll probably cure her.

mary333 said...

I meant Pokemon and I have no idea where that little inflection thingy is on my keyboard. I hate the show Pokemon but my sister let the kids watch it while she was babysitting one day and when you have a child with Asperger's once is all it takes. She can recite the names, types, and regions of every Pokemon that ever existed. On the brighter side, she gets straight A's in school because her brain stores facts like a computer.

mary333 said...

By the way, I tagged you properly...see for yourself.

ignorant redneck said...

hah! This is a meme of global significance!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

We also have the aquariam channel and the sunset channel and in the summer we get the cottage channel.

I kid you not!

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