Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bad knees, and the Lord`s Name

I am taking my mom out to the bank.  I am pushing Frodo's stroller.  Mom is on a cane, and on my arm.  She took an Extra Strength Acetaminophen before we left for the bank..( NOTE: I try to get her to take a lengthy walk at least once a week. She has arthritis in the knees, but she is also diabetic, so walking to keep circulation up is very important- besides she doesn't have a debit care, and so she has to actually go to her branch to take out grocery money.- but I digress)

Any way here we are mother, daughter and grandson.  We meet one of mom's many "paesan" (distant cousin, from the same village, less than friend more than acquaintances, 

Friend: L. how are you? Haven't seen you in a while.  How have you been doing?

Mom: Well, you know, how it goes, as we get older everything starts to go south.  I'm doing Okay, at least I would if my knees didn't hurt so much.

Friend: I know what you mean, but you know, I find that around here everyone's knees are bad.  Everyone has trouble with their knees. I wonder why that is?\

Puff: Every Catholic's knees are horrible, because we bend them every time we hear the Lord's name. And man do we hear the Lord's name used alot around here.   

Just then a man comes out of the nearby restaurant/pub cursing the Lord.

Friend:  I thought you were joking, but you know I think you may  be on to something.


mary333 said...

Yeah, I notice everyone has bad knees around here too. I thought it was the lack of kneelers but your post has me thinking...

And, yes, I actually DO think sometimes.

ignorant redneck said...

1--Bad knees can be, and often are, the result of too much walking and running on pavement.

2--I'm back to blogging.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

RedL You are back. Yay I am happy when you are back.

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