Friday, June 1, 2012

Arwen Vs Galadriel on school projects

Background:  Galadriel has a habit of procrastinating when it comes to essays.  She also does not ask for help until it is way to late to offer any suggestions or help. And she is always in a mad dash to finish and hates everyone and everything for a few days.

Arwen: This morning. : Oh mom, I have a project due June 7, I have to come up with a cereal product and an ad campaign for media class. I'm going to come up with a new cereal.  


Arwen: Hey mom how do you like my design for the cereal box?

Puff: You are working on it today on your PA Day.

Arwen: Yeah,

Puff:  You just take what Galadriel does and do the opposite, right?

Arwen: Yuup Pretty much. then to Bear: What do you think dad?  Do you have any ideas?

Bear:  I think its very good. But, you know real admen come up with lots of designs and then take the best one.  Why not brainstorm .


Arwen: Mom I'm going to the store.

Puff: Okay, why?

Arwen: I'm going to walk down the cereal aisle and see which colour is most common in cereal boxes.  Off she goes with pencil and notepad in hand. 

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