Saturday, May 26, 2012

We really miss Arwen, while she's in Tennessee

Galadriel is home from School, playing with Frodo in Frodo's room. Puff is upstairs answering emails.  Checking her researcher's email for commissions. Checking blogs etc etc Puff hears the front door open and close

Puff: Hon, you home?

Bear:  Yeah

Puff heads down the stairs.

Galadriel: Running down the stairs: Dad you're home!

Puff: Looking around Galadriel:  Where's Frodo?

Galadriel: In his crib. 

Bear: Go get Frodo.  Aside from the fact that Frodo can climb out of his crib and has been known to empty out his diaper pail.  He really can't be left alone in his room.

Galadriel:  Where's Arwen ?...

Backgrounder: Understand her usual phrase is: Where's Arwen? Get her to do it.

Bear: Stares at her with a "You didn't just ask that did you? look on his face.

Galadriel laughs: What?

Puff: Where is Arwen?

Galadriel:  laughs. Um, Tennessee.

Galadriel Trudges up the stairs.

Puff, Bear. Galadriel: I miss Arwen!

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