Monday, May 14, 2012

On Same Sex Marriage

I went to university and I became friends with people in fine arts.  And sure enough I came in contact with a fair number of persons with SSA.  My closest friend who was gay, who died over a decade ago, actually I can't believe it's been over 2 decades, of AIDS, was dead set against gays marrying.  He said these things at different times in the four years that I knew him.

~The gay lifestyle stands against the norm, therefore, by definition, it is NOT normal.
~Getting married isn't gay.
~Getting married is for straight people
~The whole thing about being gay IS the freedom to not be married.
~Getting married runs contrary to the "gay" concept."

I can't defend his position and he is not here to defend his position.  But I put it out there for you guys to ponder.

Discuss amongst yourselves. I need to see a man about a cat.

UPDATE:  Someone with the handle CITY place a comment: Nice posting... thanks for sharing.  

I have edited the post. I deleted statements that I felt may have remembered incorrectly. And have adjusted some others as I remember specific statements.  This is the only and last editing.  

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Scripture to keep in mind

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