Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is McGuinty a Bully


What I find odd is that this is a debate over what the anti bullying clubs can be called.

My problem with anti-bullying clubs being called Gay-Straight.  is several fold

Firstly, it presupposes that ALL and ONLY bullying that occurs in school is based on the child's sexual attraction. This is not true. My daughter was horribly bullied at school, and NEVER for her sexual preferences.  She was bullied for, to name a few: (being Irish, for being Italian, for being blond, for not being beanpole thin, for having acne, etc, basically for being different but not gay) The bullying was severe, and included threats.  The very name GAY-STRAIGHT very clearly limits that support to be received within the group. Within the gay-straight alliances, only gays will be getting support from the straight people in the group. The group is by definition exclusionary in name and purpose.  I am sorry, but somebody has to say this:  being gay is NOT THE ONLY reason kids are bullied, in our schools. If the main "difference" discussed in GAY-Straight alliance meetings is how the straights need to not bully gays, where would bullied straight children, bullied for other difference get help.  Just asking

Secondly, Gay-Straight Alliances Umbrella group is horribly anti-catholic.  For Catholics to belong to an anti-catholic organization, or an organization that is openly hostile to Catholic teaching, can be grounds for excommunication. How are children supposed to navigate those waters alone and with no adult compassion and pastoral guidance. To offer Catholic -children ( and we would assume that the majority of the students would be Catholic as it is a catholic board,  with SSA only one anti-church option for support does all our children a disservice. The only choice offered to the SSA student would be : be excommunicated or get no support. Yeah some help, some support. 
Thirdly, The TCDSB presented McGuinty with the ulternate "Respecting Differences" Clubs.  The proposal has the backing of Reclaim the Rainbow Toronto which supports the term Respecting Differences. I find that in the general concept of offering Christian compassion and pastoral guidance to people with SSA, shouldn't Catholic organizations who are manned by and have members who have SSA have more of a say regarding what groups can and should be called to better help against bullying stemming from sexual preferences.  McGuinty seems to be knee jerking to the politically correct verbage and names. Respecting Differences opens the groups to all other reasons for bullying.

But, than again what do I know??

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Patience said...

Read your dh's take on this too. My dd would agree with your dd. Mine goes to an arts high school where they seem to talk non stop about not bullying gays but as she puts it; not a lot of support for kids who are depressed/cutting/anorexic or socially awkward.
Seems like the G/S clubs want to happen without any Catholic content. In a Catholic school. I'm pretty confused. Let's all pray on this. A lot.

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