Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm tired of defending God


Don't get me wrong.  I love and fear God.  I am just so very tired of not being able to defend Him when atheists bash Him.  I know God doesn't need me to defend Him. But man why let atheists pounce on the people who simply want to believe.

Why save one kid, and let millions suffer and die?  Honestly, when I pray for me /mine I pray for me/mine. I just hope me/mine will be one of  the ones He helps. There is an Italian prayer to the Miracle worker, St. Anthony.  O Sant'Antonio tu che fa tredici miracoli al giorno, aiuta tutto il mondo e` non scordarti di me.  O Saint Anthony, you who performs 13 miracles a day, help the whole world, and don't forget about me! How many times have we ( you and I ) prayed "You can if YOU want to, please want to"

So Jesus cured some blind and lame and cast out some demons, what about all the others? Valid question.  Bottom line is because He didn't want to. Why doesn't He always want to?  Honestly my answer is : Who the hell knows, and only an athiest would ask as though he deserves to know.  Don't I want to know?  No actually I don't. It really isn't important.  I mean they can answer and accept that they can't explain the beginning of the universe but they can't accept that we don't understand God's mind- Pot meet kettle.

Why is He so far away?  Why doesn't He interact with human beings anymore?  I don't know.  I went through my dark night a few years ago.  So this question hits me hard.  Why did I feel He had turned his back on me?  Was that just me, or was that coming from Him??  Am I happy I experienced that-- NO-- Am I glad I got through it-YUUP-  Other than that, heck I want to know why God doesn't  interact on a global level more often.

Honestly, I think it would be grand, and neato, if He just yelled down from Heaven:

YO, listen up you primitive screwheads, the Catholics are right, get with the program! O and while I'm here:  Yo Israelites, Your messiah came already,  Sheesh, Solomon was right, you are a stiff necked people.

And I would write what I would like Him to say to the Islamists, yeah, right... like I'm going anywhere near that one!

And why say yes to some and no to others?

I mean we have all asked these same questions.  And as theists we agree that God hasn't and doesn't reveal His reasons for what He does or doesn't do.

As Faithful Catholics (notice I said faithful, not Real) we submit to the will of God.  But atheists by definition don't want to submit. It may not be the reason they don't believe, or rather, it may not be the whole reason they believe He doesn't exist,  because if He did they would have to submit, and somehow submission is completely unacceptable to them.  It demeans them.  Where we submit because it is completely logical to do so.  He is in charge of everything any way, so really, what are we giving up when we submit- nothing..  The atheists,  on the other hand, haven't figured out that what happens to them is still determined/permitted by God, whether they believe or not.  Because they don't understand the THEREFORE they refuse to acknowledge the WHEREFORE and WHO.

Then they expect us be able to lay bare to them the mind of GOD.

Jeez, I am sick and tired of the atheists constantly coming up and demanding we explain and defend the mind of God.  I wouldn't even dare to ask God to open His mind to me.  The last human being to whom God opened His mind, well, we crucified him, and the second last, well she was driven temporarily insane. so understanding God is not exactly good for man's (or woman's )health.

Besides why should they get an explanation that satisfies them, when He doesn't fully explain Himself to us faithful ones.  If we can accept not having answers why do we (OK, I) feel compelled to explain?  I mean the answers are from a logical point of view pretty pathetic, and makes God look like a lunatic psychopathic dictator.  He picks and chooses,and the reason is for Him to know and the rest of us to just accept it.

I sympathize with them.  They haven't gotten past the : Because God Said so, part of accepting God.  And trust me, that is the biggest part of accepting GOD.  Letting God have His way in all things, and not whining about it. I'm still working on that one.  Don't get me wrong:  I accept God's will in all things, but just between you me and the keyboard, it doesn't mean I don't whine and gripe about it, if only for a short time.  Please I know I am working on it. God knows I am working on it.


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mary333 said...

If I could answer any of these questions I'd be a saint in heaven, not sitting here on earth wondering if I'm doing God's will or not from day to day. I still whine and gripe daily (though I'm working on this one too).

Who can fathom the mind of God? I don't argue with people who don't believe in God because it rarely goes anywhere but I DO pray that God opens their hearts.

Uhm...I have a feeling that on some level atheists DO believe but they are not aware of anything beyond the surface existence of their lives yet. God communicates Himself to their souls I'm sure but they haven't accepted this aspect of their being for one reason or another. He doesn't take away our free will, so people can refuse Him. Your thoughts on submitting the will made a lot of sense to me - maybe that's a large portion of the problem.

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