Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arwen to the Left of Me, Bear to the Right, Here I am Stuck in the Middle.

There was a new MP3 player on the table., still in its box.

Bear: Pharoah gave it to me.  Said to give it to the family.

Puff:  Ooh, can I have it.

Bear: Sorry Hun, Arwen called it.

Puff: When did you say it was for whomever wanted it? Is this one of those times you said something while I was at nonna's (my mother's)?

Bear Kinda.

Arwen: Sorry Mom, I didn't think you'd want something this modern.


Bear-i-tone said...

Note: For those of you who believe puff misspelled the endearing term "hun": she didn't.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

HArdy Har Har.
Ours, tu es tres drole.

mary333 said...

Hun? Bear, I hate to say it but that one three letter word speaks volumes. So does Bear, come to think about it...

Puff, don't feel bad. Most of the music stinks these days anyway. Do you have a good voice? If you don't I can tell you a quick way to get that MP3 player into your hands.

Anonymous said...

Arwen: Sorry Mom, I didn't think you'd want something this modern.

Puff: The mp3 was patented in 1996, which means it's older than you. Need I spell out the implication, Attila?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Dim: You're back. Yay!

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