Friday, May 18, 2012

3 1/2 time outs: On a Friday, but hey I am a rulebreaker

1))))I downloaded Skype only to uninstall later.  Really.  ANything that would purposely use my webcam, I am not sure.  Though It would be great way to keep in touch with Arwen when she is down in Tennessee.  May redo later. Who knows

2)))Speaking of Arwen leaving for TE.  The bus leaves at 9:00p.m. sharp from a parking lot at the corner of the Queen's Highway 401 and the teams from Arwen's school is the first group to be pick up.  I asked if it would be alright for her to wear PJ's on the bus since she'll be asleep on the bus.  Odd part would be arriving in Tennessee, in PJs.  Maybe I should just send her track pants for her to sleep in. 

3))Of recommended things to bring is a small battery powered personal fan.  Apparently the temps are going to be 27-32 * C Above seasonal. and humid.  It's also planning to rain.

1/2) On an unrelated note.  We are going over to my sisters tonight. Every time My family has great and exciting stuff going on, ;leave it to my sister to invite us over to discuss something only she thinks is a problem.

Oy vey. Prayers tonight would be great.

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