Friday, April 20, 2012


Arwen's team will be going to the Global Finals for Destination Imagination in Knoxville Tennessee between May 23 to the 26 of this year.

Prayers that the fundraising is successful and that it brings down the travel fare.

They were granted the WILDCARD position.

We will be telling her that there is a good chance she and her team will NOT win, so she and they should have as much fun as they can.  We also need to tell them that if they want to win they are going to have to work really really hard.  Oh dear, I have no idea how to keep my advice to her balanced.

All I can think of right now is:  What books do I want to donate for the BOOK SALE?  Where are the passport application forms?  And can we get a kid's lawyer parent to prepare the affidavits regarding giving permission for a child to travel across the border, and will he do it for free?????

Oh Actually, how do we tell Arwen.  I was thinking of getting a cake from the Italian Bakery and writing the news on it: WILDCARD DI TN GF.

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