Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She speaks; She means: The Nod

Gentlemen has this ever happened to you.  You are speaking to your wife (girlfriend, fiancee, mother, sister, aunt grandmother etc etc) and as you present your case or idea or defence or whatever, you see her nodding as you speak.  And you begin to think that she is agreeing with you and you may even think you have won her over.  And then you stop thinking she will agree, say yes, etc etc.  YOU ARE WRONG.

A NOD of the head does NOT mean yes or accordance with what she is hearing.  It is merely, and I do mean merely, a sign of acknowledgement , rather it is a sign to you that she is listening, and is grasping and understands each part of your logic.  It does not mean that she agrees. In fact the more nodding she does generally means the more points she will refute when its her turn to talk.

This applies if she nods slowly, methodically, and in time with your presentation of your points.  If on the other hand, she begins to nod quickly, what she is saying quietly, in her head is "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I know, I get what you are trying to say but..." before saying aloud, "You are completely wrong." or more simply,"No"

So just to help you along, the nod does not mean yes, or agreement or even you are right.  It just means:  I acknowledge that you are saying something and I have heard what you are saying. Nothing more.

Any other Woman speak you might need translated, please leave in commbox and I will translate next week, Tuesday.  Otherwise I will be translating "Nothing"

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mary333 said...

Lol! You tell 'em, Puff!

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