Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She says; She means: Nothing.

The lady  in your life has a "look" on her face.  And you ask her, "What's wrong?"  she answers, "Nothing."

Nothing can mean

Nothing... you'd understand The concept with this is that she could explain it to you but you wouldn't understand the intricacies of the situation.  She has decided that it isn't worth the air to explain it to you.
This is usually the case when the problem concerns other women, especially friends.  Something either happened to the friend, or something happened with regard to a friend and she has to work out a solution.    Besides there is no way a MAN could figure out what is needed in any situation involving a woman and her friends.  Trust me, if this is the reason behind her: "Nothing"  you are best advised to not interfere, don't ask for elaboration, don't try to engage her, just accept her NOTHING and move on. Tell her where you'll be if she needs you later.

Nothing... with which you'd be able to help. Her problem either requires delicacy, tact, sophistication or logic to be solved.  All attributes which you lack.  Don't take this too personally.  You just aren't made that way. It is in short a different way of saying the above, only that it does not necessarily involve another woman.  It is really any other problem.  It may also be a problem stemming from something you did or didn't do.  And if you did or didn't do something, and caused the problem, why in the world would she want your help to fix the situation.  So if this is the reason behind her,"Nothing," it is best for you not to delve any further. Don't ask for an explanation because you think you might be able to help.  If she decides she needs your help to carry out the solution she'll let you know, so tell her where you'll be if she should need you later.

I'd better say, "Nothing." because I've been telling you all this for over a week, and every time I mention it, you say something stupid so it is better I just say,... "Nothing." You haven't noticed the problem that has developed so you either don't think it is a problem, or you have no intention of solving the problem so she'll go it alone. If she believes you've let a situation develop into a problem without solving it, do you really think she wants your help now?  My advice to you if this is the real reason behind her simple, "Nothing," is to not pursue the line of questioning and retreat. She may decide that a problem needs to be aired so feel free to tell her where you'll be if she should need to talk to you later.  

IF there are any other womanspeak you need translated, please feel free to place in the commbox and I will attempt to explain next week Tuesday.

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