Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quarterly Weigh-In

Very few people know this, though  do have a tracker located somewhere on along the sidebar, I have been attempting to slim down since January.  My weight whence I started was 181 lbs.  I have steadily reduced my weight and updated the tracker over the last few months. At present I am 164.2 lbs.  My goal is to get to a more healthy 145( Another 19.2 lbs to go) by the summer (I haven't really decided if it's the BEGINNING or the END of summer, just summer.)  According to the numbers my maximum healthy weight for my age and height is 133.  I'll work on getting to that after maintaining the 145 for a bit.

My healthy BMI is 27 or lower.  4 more points to go.

BWH measurements: None of your business.

Don't ask me how I lost the weight.  I have a sneaking suspicion that some weight loss is a side effect of some meds I'm on.  Though I have read that people have also gained weight while on this med. Oh vell, maybe it's got nothing to do with the meds.

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