Friday, March 30, 2012

Toronto Leafs Fans: Special Breed UPDATED:Now with video

It is a unique personality who can succeed at being a Leafs fan.  The Leafs fan will soar high on the very short winning streaks.   We dive yes, but not into the abyss when the Leafs have a long losing streak.  We are a hearty sort.  Our hope springs eternal.  Secretly we believe, though the world may laugh, that one season, we will quietly make it to the play-offs, and then God will let his face shine on the team and they will win the final game.  Okay, okay we are a little, um,.... what's the word I'm looking for... ah yes, ... delusional, but you know delusions are not all bad. Sometimes delusions help one look himself in the mirror in the morning.

Though with all these great enduring qualities that Leafs fans, everyone of them, have. Toronto Leafs fans though support all of Toronto's teams, whatever the sport. Heck they'll even cheer the Blue Jays during a Leafs game.

Updated: I got a video.

Ah gotta love us Leafs' fans.


LarryD said...

Here in Red Wings country, they've made the playofss a professional sports record 21 consecutive seasons.



Puff the Magic Dragon said...

That just means it's easy to root for a winning team.

It takes skill to root for the Leafs, and still look at yourself in the mirror.

Scripture to keep in mind

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