Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's the Regionals Today

Well Arwen and Bear are off to Saint Basil the Great College School for the Regionals in Destination Imagination Tournament.

Man, this morning was a switch from the norm.  Usually morning routine goes something like this.

Puff: Arwen get up.
Arwen: Uh, n. uh  more minutes
10 minutes later

Puff: Arwen, you are going to be late for school. Get up, get your school clothes on, and get yourself down for breakfast.

Arwen: I don't want to go to school.(Then comes the choice of malady du jour 
~I don't feel well.
~My stomach hurts.
~I got a headache.
~My throat is scratchy.
~I think I got nodes.
~Mom, can you kiss my forehead, I think I have a fever?

Puff:  My answer depends on which malady she chooses
~You're just needing breakfast. (Actually my response to both of the top two excuses)
~You are dehydrated, Go have your hot cocoa.
~So is mine.  The air is very dry in the house.  Gargle with salt water.
~(After feeling her nodes)  They are fine.  Or  They are noticeable.  It might mean something.  I'll check them again after school.
~(After kissing forehead) Nope, you are cooler than I am.

Now get downstairs ready for school.


Arwen:  I'm ready.

Puff: How close did your brush or comb get to your head this morning.

Arwen: Close enough

Puff: Get it closer.  You got a rats' nest.  Try reducing it to a mouses' nest. Here's your hot cocoa.

Arwen:  I thought you wanted me to have breakfast.

Puff: What do you want?

Arwen: Makes her request

Puff: Comb your hair.

.... It continues, on and on, for the entire 45 minutes to get her ready for school, In the meantime, I am getting myself and sometimes Frodo ready at the same time.


Today: (I have to wake her up almost and hour earlier than usual)

Puff: Arwen, it's time to get up. It's DI today, and you said you wanted to take a bath this morning.

Arwen: Okay mom, thanks mom...She's out of bed and in the bathroom before I even get her her towel.

She's downstairs. Dressed, hair combed. Requesting toast and zambaglione and apple juice, for breakfast.

She ate.  She got her lunch together.  She packed her laptop.  Got her coat on and boots, and scarf.  And spent 20 minutes waiting for Bear, without complaining.


Query: What does DI have that school doesn't?  Or was it that she was going with Bear?

Any how,  Wish her luck.


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