Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remember: Some People are Alive

simply because it is illegal to shoot them --cited from a signature line of an email found online


A Tory Backbencher has tabled a motion in parliament to study the legal definition of "human being"  Canada's legal definition of "human being" is 400 years old and states that child becomes a human being when it is fully born and the umbilical cord is cut.

As he points out this legal definition was coined based on the scientific knowledge of the time (400 years ago- 1700s).    With the advancement and defence of giving all human beings their legal "HUMAN" rights, doesn't it indeed make sense that the definition of human begin be up to date as well.  I mean really, if parliament can willy nilly change the definition of marriage because the 10 000 year old common law definition was in direct violation of our human rights code, shouldn't will truly decide at what point we all become "human beings."

I find it ironic that 400 years ago the unborn were not scientifically or legally  human beings and yet it was illegal to kill them. Now, in Canada , if the unborn are redefined as human beings, it will be perfectly legal to kill human beings.

I am reminded of a very profound statement made by a literary character:  The Law is an ass- an idiot. -Mr. Bumble, Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens

Saint Thomas More pray for Canada's Parliament.   They may yet face their own Oath of Succession

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