Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On Liturgical Planning and Getting Resources from the CCCB

I am looking for a complete Third Edition Roman Missal Approved for use in Canada.  In Canada one can get the Saint Joseph's Yearly Missal, which is fine and considerably better than the missalettes that is put out by Novalis.  But I object to the yearly paperbacks because I never know what to do with them when the year is over, and since they use dates one can't really use them again.  I would prefer a permanent  (3 year cycle Sunday complete missal, for use by the laity, approved for Canada. 

What the CCCB offers is the altar missals.

I would like something like this,  for Canada. Actually I would like  something like this  for Canadabut not really necessary since I am not a daily communicant.  Wish I could be but I can't

Any way.

I have been really lax in my lit planning. because I have been trying to locate the above.  Failing miserably.

I any Canadians would like to drop the CCCB a line and let them know that you would indeed like a Complete 3 year cycle missal for use by the laity approved for use in Canada please drop them a line

publi( at )cccb.ca


Freyr said...

There is a Saint Joseph's 3 year missal which was supposed to be released on December 15 by Catholic Book Publishing for about $21. Mail order being what it is, I am waiting for some local outlet to import some. As for dropping the CCCB a line regarding any sort of publishing... they've been doing it badly for more years than I care to count. Best they stick to the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat and allow the book publishers to do their jobs.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Demarais et Robitaille has the St. Joseph Missal (as approved for US)

You can see though from their contact page that they are Canadian distributer.

As for a Publisher publishing for canadian use can't find one, because I SUSPECT that CCCB hasn't authorized any to publish one, THOUGH, AND I REITERATE THIS: I HAVE NO PROOF OF MY SUSPICIONS

Vox Cantoris said...

I doubt that you'll ever see a private company print a "Canadian" version of the Roman Missal for the pew. The CCCB and Novalis have this tight little control over the copyright. Novalis could theoritically do it, but I think the market is just too small to make it financially feasible.

I've actually just bought two.

The Sunday Missal from CTS in England, the Lectionary is the Jerusalem Bible (what we used to use before the NRSV) and the Psalter is the Grail.

The other is the Daily from Midwest Theological Forum.

I like both, but the British one is nicer.

CTW is taking advance orders for a daily missal.

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