Monday, December 12, 2011

On blogging and Arwen has a cough, but only at school

When Bear and I started blogging, oh a good 5 years, if not longer, ago, well it was basically because commenting on The Cafeteria is Closed, sorta, kinda, required a/n handle.  I remember the post in particular was about Haugen's Mass of Creation.( I won't call it the Massive Cremation, because as much as I don't like it, it was the Lord's mass set to music, whatever you think of the use of those words or the quality of the music, it was the Lord's Mass, but I digress)

Having children and understanding the inherent risks of on line personalities, I set out to choose a handle.  Since the topic in the commbox had somewhow shifted to "Folk masses"  what better name than Puff the Magic Dragon, and since Bear was a Baritone, what better name than Bear-i-tone.

Anyway, we started the blog first to make it easier to post comments on other people's blogs and then to voice our own opinions, then I thought the Lit. Planning I did for the Choir master at my church would be interesting to others, so I started another for the planning.  then I started my own, leaving Bear to our first one.

I find, unfortunately, that I really have nothing to say at this point.  And even when I have something to say, I don't think anyone really cares, not that anyone really should.  Some agree, some don't, that is fine. I mean in the great scheme of things, my opinions mean nothing.  I am not the magisterium, I am not canon lawyer, I am not even a great mother, or daughter or sister or any in-law relation.  I am not extraordinary. I am not an expert in any field. I am not even a particularly good Catholic.   I am a Catholic Mary,(of John and Mary Catholic) with opinions.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

So where does all this leave me.  In the Third Week of Advent with Nothing to say.  Nothing about Christmas, nothing about The New Year, nothing about anything. I even can't summon up anything to say about the new mass translation.

Oh But I will ask for prayers.  Apparently when Arwen is at school she has massive coughing fits lasting about an hour.  These severe coughs she doesn't have at home. The doctor says the same thing at every visit: Her lungs are clear, yet they aren't dry coughs.

Prayers would be appreciated.  Please no medical advice.

PS. NB: She is in room 412 which is located in the middle building. Galadriel used to have coughing fits in that room and so did I 35 years ago.  I think it's the room. But what do I know?


Anonymous said...

What do you know? quite a bit, actually!


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Ah, I gots you all fooled don't I.

mary333 said...

The elementary school that my nephew went to was closed down a few years back because of "sick building syndrome". Kids and teachers were getting sick (headaches, respiratory problems) much more often than average at this school and once they fixed the problem things got better. I'll keep Arwen in my prayers, Puff.
As for blogging: we all run out of things to write about at times :)

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