Thursday, November 17, 2011

My one and Only Post on Occupy Toronto

The OT protesters are encamped at St. James Park.  They were issued eviction notices.  They "appealed" and they were granted a stay until there arguments can be heard.

Basically the judge said that yes, there right to freedom of expression and peacefully congregate have been infringed and it is up to the city to prove that there is good reason to do so.  The city says it does and the protesters say they don't.

I say:

1: They stopped protesting about 3 weeks ago and are now squatting on the park property. (They are winterizing their tents - that isn't protesting that is camping.)

2: The park needs to be "put to bed for the winter" (Public works have to get in their and shut off fountains etc etc or they will freeze and burst in the spring.  Failure to prepare the park for winter could cause 10's of 1000s of dollars of damage.  If that happens they should foot the bill.  I maintain that park through my taxes and I refuse to be on the hook for damages caused by them.

3:The area is not safe.  Women are being attacked and sexually assaulted ( Note in Canada, the Rape law was repealed and replaced with the Sexual Assault Law. The new legislation defined sexual assault according to three levels that include acts such as unwanted sexual touching to violent physical harm to the victim.and the organizers won't let the police in to investigate or gather evidence.  In fact, in at least one incident, protesters are filmed tampering with evidence, by wanting to "get rid" of a knife an assailant used. The Rights of the victims are seriously infringed when the organizers get rid of evidence.

4: Canadian Music Icon Gordon Lightfoot's daughter is one of the protesters.  He went to visit his daughter.
He said, and I am paraphrasing here:

"Yea, I came to visit my daughter. I don't exactly know what she is protesting, but she has been here from the beginning and only came home for a week, when she got pneumonia."

Okay, what exactly does she have to protest.  She is privileged.  If she is trying to bond and show her solidarity with the homeless, why did she go home when she got pneumonia.  The homeless don't get to go to Gordon Lightfoot's home when they get pneumonia, heck they don't even have the money to get the meds. Protesters, those in solidarity with the downtrodden don't go home for their health.

5: When told they were infringing on the rights of citizens enjoying the park, for you know park activities, they responded, "It isn't as though there aren't other parks"

The protest is OVER, go home!  Your arrogance is destroying any sympathy I might have had, and among everyone I know, I'm the bleeding heart, who agreed with your right to protest!  If you can't keep me on your side, you have no side.

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