Monday, November 7, 2011

House Cleaning

I'm fall cleaning my house.  Blame Mary 333- she reminded me that Christmas is only 7 weeks away, and I want the house clean.

Conversation with my mom

Puff: Ma, I hate cleaning the house. I clean and then everyone comes home and the house is a mess.
They can't keep it clean for 5 minutes. 5 minutes is that too much to ask.

Nonna: There is a simple solution.


Nonna: Once you cleaned the house, don't let any one in.
Your house will be immaculate, but your home will be empty.

She reminded me of an old italian proverb ( in her dialect):

Amare la case che nesciun' ce'trase.
Love/Bitter the house that no one enters.


mary333 said...

Funny, Puff! This is what happens at my house too :) My daughter and her friends can trash a room in 5 minutes flat. I sometimes feel like it's a waste of time cleaning it.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Galadriel argues every morning with:

But why do I have to make my bed when I'll be messing it up tonight when I go to bed. I mmean, NO ONE comes into my room, so who's gonna see it?

Ah geez

mary333 said...

I'm with Galadriel on this one ;) I've told myself the same thing many times!

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