Monday, November 14, 2011

Arwen is going on a School Trip to a Chocolate Factory

Now, it has always amazed me how teachers decide where and why to take kids on school trips.

On the 22nd Arwen is going to the Cadbury factory. Yuup that's Cadbury as in chocolate.  Now, you might thinking: Whoa, why would you want to take a bunch of 8-9 years olds to a chocolate factory?  Ah well, it isn't as barmy an idea as you might think.

You see the novel they are studying this term is ....ta da... You guessed it. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Factory sent out a RELEASE FORM:

It included the following warning:

Please be aware that we produce a number of products that contain peanuts, a variety of tree nut, and other allergens.  Students and adults will be tasting and sampling chocolate and other products as part of the tour. For the safety and health of your child/ward, we cannot allow that he/she participate in this tour if he/she has any peanut, tree nut or other food allergies and they will not be permitted entry into the Cadbury factory.

Then it went on to the requirements necessary to enter the factory

Please note that we require all visitors to:

  • Wear flat-soled footwear with covered toes, such as running shoes.
  • remove and and all jewellery prior to entering our facility
  • Sequin/sparkled covered clothing or footwear is not permitted
  • Have legs covered (no shorts, skirts, dresses or holes in jeans)
  • Nail polish is not permitted
  • Cover all hair and clothing with protective gear (which will [be] provided at the facility.)
I am not so much surprised at the content of the Release Form.  After all they must reveal there are nuts on the premises and they can pose a danger to some people.  I mean some visitors might be bad nuts. Which leads me to the problems I have with the RELEASE FORM

One:  They don't mention is how do we get our children/wards back from the oompah loompahs after he/she falls down the bad nut chute.
Two: About the tasting and sampling: What do I do to turn my child back into Arwen after she becomes what she's tasted or sampled? Can I ask that she not taste blueberries.  Frodo loves blueberries and I would hate for him to eat his sister.

PS: Will they reveal the secret: How do they get the caramel inside a Cadbury Caramilk Bar?

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mary333 said...

Lol! My daughter loves the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (so do I)! Definitely do warn Arwen away from the bluberries ;)

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