Saturday, October 29, 2011


Frodo weaned. Babbling away.  Obeys simple commands: Give me five, Give mummy a kiss/ hug.  No!, Lie down, etc etc.  First word seems to be "good"  Said: Hi  Though I am concerned he might be a little delayed in speaking, but I am told the babies with older siblings and boys develop speaking later.  Also he is hearing two languages, English and Italian.  Has three "molars" growing in at the same time  - Now has 10 teeth.  Getting over the croup. Climbs stairs, and can slide off the couch.

Galadriel is having trouble with Functions and Relations- Bear will be teaching her at home for this weekend.  Her study ethic has improved of late.

Arwen is doing very well in School - A few weeks ago she got her EQAO results
Reading 3+/4-
Writing 3+
Mathematics 4

Bear: Is Contemplating the meaninglessness of his existence, pondering the darkness of the stuff that grows between his toenails.

Me: Anxiety waning, Panic attacks lessening. Sleeping better. Last week made Hallowe'en costumes (Zombie Alice) Need to make Cheshire cat for Frodo.  Research Assignment  in progress.


Robert said...

My son is growing up exposed to two languages at home (English and Cebuano). Everything I've heard or read say this is a good thing.

The Ranter said...

My kids are both delayed speakers. If you need any help or hints, let me know.

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