Monday, October 17, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Mary 333 at Beautiful Gate has presented me a :

I have absolutely no idea how she can consider me stylish, but I am flattered in any case.

As you can prolly guess there is a meme to this.

Reveal 7 things about oneself
Pass the Award to 5 other Bloggers

As I mentioned to Mary333 on her blog, I don't have 7 interesting facts.  So I may have to update this post later.

1:  I've have some supernatural experiences which people generally don't believe, so I don't generally elaborate. I am unsure but I think I was visited by Our Lady and I have seen my elder daughter's Guardian Angel watching over her crib
2: I have miscarried 4 children and I gave them all names: Christopher, Christina, Genevieve and Agatha.

3:I have premonitions of death.  If I dream or rather have a "vision" of a black animal - someone is going to die  I
I have only just realized that maybe praying for them might be the way to go.

4:When I was sixteen I was present at my first death.  A friend I knew had what has come to be known as AIDS.  Though at the time they didn't know what it was or how it was transmitted.  I went to the hospital to see him, and he was in the final stages- dementia had set it.  I was in gown and mask, and gloves. This was over 25 years ago At one point G cries out "O God Forgive Me."  and started thrashing.  Not knowing what to do, whispered in his ear: "God forgives you."  G. calmed down and breathed his last.

5. I struggle to be charitable with those who are less intelligent than I, which prolly means I am an arrogant prat.

I don't have 2 others, I'll Update later

Those to whom I present the award.

0: Well I WOULD present one to DIMBULB, but he'll prolly be really mean and give it back to me ;).
1: Although I am married to him, and might therefore be biased, I present one to my Husband Bear.
2: I present one to the Redneck
3: I present one to Fr.Phillip Neri Powell, OP
4: I present one to Left-Footer
5: I prseent one to the Ranter.

I cheated a little, at least 2 of those I nominated prolly never read my blog - so they'll never know.


mary333 said...

Fascinating stuff, Puff. I can relate about people generally not believing very much in supernatural experiences but they definitely happen. What I don't understand is this:
If God is God (and omnipotent at that) why are things like this so difficult for people to believe?

Losing children is hard, I named my two also - Michael and Christopher (coincidentally).

The story about your friend gave me shivers. That's a powerful story, Puff.

You're right that God is calling you to prayer if He's showing you things and they come true.

God bless!

Dim Bulb said...

You know me so well!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I had a long comment about my curiosity and your right to privacy; about my right to know more about the blogger that has on more than one occasion given my children advice on how to "deal" with their parents, but I decided to delete it.

Instead my only comment to you Dim is: Yup

Left-footer said...

I Do read your blog, regularly! :-)

I am humbled at being called stylish - so I must try harder.

Thanks, and God bless.

ignorant redneck said...

Wow! I finally have blog award! I'll get it on my blog and do the meme tomarrow! It's kinda late this PM!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Left footer, I tried coming over to your blog, but I got a warning from My Norton Product, about you having something on your blog from another website ( that might contain malware.

Left-footer said...

Puff - thank you very much for the warning. I have eliminated "Investigating Obama" (I couldn't find "Investing Obama") from my blogroll.

I also got rid of "Pro-life Blogs" which C.C.Father warned me contained malware.

Hope nobody has suffered any damage.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...


It was indeed Investigating Obama. I misspelt it.

No harm done on mine, but I'll run a check before I shut down my computer I run a virus check.


Left-footer said...

Puff The Magic Dragon - Thank you so much for the warning. I think my computer and blog are now safe and clean.

Could I ask you please to visit again and let me know if Norton reports anything untoward?

Thanks again :-)

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Well, It's nice to know that even amongst my readers, those who were nominated didn't participate in the meme.

I'm starting to think that memes like chain mail (letters) should be trashed and not perpetuated.

Left-footer said...

Sorry - I was sitting up all night with a sick computer and forgot. I guess it's too late now :-(

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

No, You are still stylish and deserve the reward.

I'm just feeling sorry for myself

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Master Left Footer, pray what is the matter with your Computer?

Left-footer said...

Madam Puff the Magick Dragoness - It had either an identity crisis or a doppelganger. The Polish anti-virus claimed that a computer with the same number as mine was also on the internet, visiting the same sites.

I got it fixed, thanks for asking.

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