Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Shot of my High School Religion Class

Setting: Grade 11 Religion Class
Section Abrahamic Religions
Subsection: Judaism

It's Friday(NB: On Fridays Mr. E would leave the class open for questions to clear up anything that might have been misunderstood during the week. The Q& A was then followed by debates.  It was quite common for girls who had no questions to tune out of the Q & A and whisper amongst themselves.)

Mr. E: Anyone need something cleared up.
Girl 1:  Raising her hand: Ah, sir, could you explain "circumcision" again.
Mr. E: It's a ceremony performed on Jewish boys........Mr. E was going to continue, but he was curtly cut - off by the
Girl from the back of the class who had been engaged in a private conversation:  Figures they'd ONLY do it for boys!

Mr E: turns around and bangs his head on the blackboard.

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mary333 said...

Very funny! Was she blonde? (Oops! Sorry about that!)
Puff, you don't have the +1 gadget over here...and you were going to be my "test market". Thanks for the info though! I figured you'd know about it. Your blog is aptly named.

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