Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Ontario Liberals form the Government

Albeit, a minority government - by one seat.

Well, in Canada in general, Liberal Minorities tend to be better than any party's Majority Government.

I didn't think that the voters would send McGuinty's Liberals back with a majority. And there is no way Ontario would send in an NDP government.  We still haven't recovered from the mess of NDP Rae, where our credit rating was dropped to AA, and Harris/Eaves slash and burn left voters weary, which is why McGuinty had gotten 2 majorities in a row.  I think the Progressive Conservatives could have gotten a minority is Hudak hadn't had the same campaign as Ford (cut taxes and reduce waste) which has resulted in threatened closure of libraries, museums, day care spaces, annihilation of the Transit City LRT etc etc etc.

So in the end, though I didn't vote for the Libs, I think the voters voted in the government that will best serve Ontario, fortunately, that IS a MINORITY Liberal government.

I can live with that.

Someone is bound to bring up the whole strongarming the Catholic School Boards.  Yeah, he did. And yes, I hate it. But the NDP would force a whole lot more and the Conservatives would slash aid to the poor.  There is more to governing Ontario than the School Boards. Besides, as Canon Law points out, it is the duty of PARENTS to instruct children in the faith. Even though I send my children to Catholic schools I still teach them catechism at home tot he best of my abilities. 

I am still not happy, but there was no good solution to this one.  But, as William Blake said, governments are of little conxequencee.  A bad government cannot hurt a wise man, and a good government cannot help a fool.

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