Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you think saints compete in heaven?

My sister was praying to the saint to help her find something important.  She promised to make a donation to him(?) in return to his help. 

A few days later she finds that for which she was searching. True to her promise she sets out to write a cheque to a Charity in the saint's name.  She makes cheque out to the Saint's Oratory

She put the cheque in a letter and then in an addressed envelope.  She asks her son to mail the letter.

When he gets back, he asks, "Why did you send money to St. Joseph's Oratory?"

"Because he helped me find something."

"Ah, wouldn't that be St. Anthony?"

"Oh great (realizing she goofed, and gave a donation to the wrong saint), I can hear it now:

She voices the two saints: St. Anthony sounds like a New Jersey Italian and St. Joseph sounds like a New York Jew.

Yo, Joe, what you doin? You cuttin' in on my action now, ay-oh!

Oy vey Tony, you want I should give it back?"

"Only you would make fun of the saints, mom!"


mary333 said...

Funny! If you suddenly get zapped by lightening you can blame St. Anthony :) We all know St Joseph just wouldn't do that.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I'll pass that on to my sister.

LarryD said...

Cute story, Puff.

I wrote something similar about 'saintly competition' a while back: A Resounding Chorus.

Scripture to keep in mind

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