Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I worry about my anxiety

My "Generalized Anxiety" is starting to rear it's ugly head.

My anxiety appears to be seasonally affected.  I am way better in the summer, than the winter, except when I was pregnant and was full of the "happy hormones" of pregnancy or the "happy hormones" of nursing.

 My anxiety always gets worse when the nights get longer.

It appears I have taken a very circuitous route to ask for prayers.  I need to get back on my meds, but I need to COMPLETELY wean Frodo, before I do.


Heard on Breakfast TV.

Guys who like Ferrari s

Price tag: Starts at  $350 000.00

 are nothing like the guys who like Bugatti s

Price tag: starts at $2 000 000.00

 heh heh heh


ignorant redneck said...

Puff--seasonal affective disoder isn't very nice, and is very widespread. It can help a lot if you buy a 250 watt horticultural halide )halide--not sodium) light and put it over your house plants--it really does help--I know from experience.

mary333 said...

I tried to comment earlier but I had forgotten to sign in and it disappeared.

When I was pregnant I felt better than I've ever felt in my life - there's definitely something to those "feel good" hormones. I'll keep you in my prayers. Anxiety is hard to live with and runs in my family to a degree. My brother uses a special light during the winter too and he claims it helps somewhat. A good Calcium/Magnesium supplement along with Omega 3's may be helpful to get you by until the baby is weaned.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

What is really strange, is that Frodo has a stuffy nose due to a cold so nursing has become difficult for him now.

But he still wants to nurse to go to sleep.- Typical boy

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