Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Frodo, the little ..... tyke

Is sleeping so soundly.

Last night, or rather, early this morning (read 2:30 a.m.) I am awaken by a screeching, crying, screaming racket. I soon realized Bear was pacing back and forth in the upstairs hall trying to calm down Frodo.

When he was younger, his waking at 2:30 in the ante meridian usually was handled by me, or rather my mammary gland popped into his mouth. This pretty much stopped when Frodo started sleeping steadily through the night, around 6 months. By 9 months I could, on the rare occasions that he did wake up, pat him back to sleep within 300 heart-beat rhythm pats. Bear was pretty much oblivious to the night time routine. In all fairness, how would he have known?

About 6 weeks ago Frodo woke up in the middle of the night and I didn't hear him, Bear did. Bear picks him up and hands him to me. I take him (Frodo) and pat him (Frodo) down and off they both go back to sleep. In the morning I tell Bear, that I don't nurse him anymore in the middle of the night because he doesn't need it any more. He needs to learn to go to sleep again without nursing. If he nurses when he wakes up at night, he'll start waking up to nurse. This circuitous route brings us to last night.

Bear knowing that I don't nurse him at night any more, knowing that school starts this morning, was pacing trying to get him back to sleep. It obviously wasn't working. I get up to help. I take him. Frodo is miserable. Just miserable. Will not be consoled. Even trying to nurse him doesn't work, as much as I don't want to feed him at night, I offer a bottle of milk - mostly refused.

I pray, Dear God, whatever it is let it pass, please.

Finally he suddenly settles. I put him to bed, pat him down. He's asleep in by pat 360. (Yes, I count) I go back to bed.

Quietly thanking God.

I barely settle down...
and Frodo starts again. (Okay, so the thanks is premature)

I take Bear Spawn downstairs, I try everything in my arsenal (Rocking, singing, swaying, walking, patting, bottle, nursing). Including praying again, and again and again...... He is starting to calm down, the crying is softer. He stops crying for a few seconds. Then disaster -- I have to answer nature's call. Oh crap (No pun intended)

Okay, turn on the lights and I take him to the bathroom with me. I stand him on the floor while I sit. He spies the toilet paper roll and starts spinning the roll, first one way then the other and back again. He is having a grand old time. I watch him totally amazed, gone is the screaming Bear Spawn. I take him into the living room and turn on the  TV and tune it to Treehouse. Wonderpets has him in stitches. I put him in the play pen and he watches the pets from there. I'm sitting on the couch watching a chick, a turtle and a hamster ask a swordfish to cut the nets entrapping a dolphin. Oh God what is my life coming too? I'm thanking God for Wonderpets!.

Again the thanks are premature.
Then Bear Spawn starts screaming and anguishing again. His face is red. Yup, he's answering nature's call. I change his diaper. That's when I realize what it may have been: he was constipated. I change him I settle him down in the play pen again, and go take care of the diaper. When I get back (5 min. max) the little bugger is asleep in the playpen. I settle on the couch, and try to sleep. I thank God, apparently prematurely again, because  Hell Spawn is screaming.

Again I try every thing nothing works, I touch his stomach again, it isn't hard, hasn't been all night. I am at my wit's end. Oh God please! 

Then he gets the hiccoughs. Then he burps. Then he falls asleep.

It is now 6 a.m. and Bear is down starting on the school lunches. The girls come down. I tell Bear that I will take Arwen to school, and I'll certainly be back long before he had to leave for work.

"Honey, I went back to sleep, so I could handle the morning while you got some sleep. "

"I know, and thanks, but I need to get away from him."

I shower, change etc etc. Grab a coffee-  like that will do any good.( It's decaf - why it's decaf is another story)

During the entire morning bustle of the first day back at school, in a playpen, in the middle of the living room, Spawn slept.

Well, actually he woke up once, smiled and laughed at his sisters, and then flopped back to sleep. I left with Arwen and Galadriel. I saw Arwen confirmed in her class. Would have visited my mom, but opted to head home. Frodo was awake, happy, eating breakfast.

"When did he wake?"
"About 8:30"
"How was he when he woke?"

" He was fine, great. It's like last night never happened." quoth Bear.

Yup, last night never happened, it was all a figment of my imagination

"Thank God." Quoth I

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