Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elder's Catholic High School Had First Mass of the School Year

Entrance Hymn:
Morning Hymn (God Is Alive)

Offertory Hymn:
The Summons (Will you come and follow me, if I but call your name)

Communion Hymn:
Taste and See

Recessional Hymn:
Children of the Light

I am too bloody ill ( no really, I have a bad cold, passed to me by Frodo or Galadriel, or Frodo to Galadriel to me, or Galadriel to Frodo to me - any way, I am to sick to gripe.)  Feel free to gripe in the combox

The theme for this entire school year is apparently: Year of Witness. ( The end of  a three year cycle: Year of Word, Year of Worship, Year of Witness.) 

Obviously, I have no idea what in the world our kids are supposed to be witnessing when last year the GSA's came to tell my daughter's school and told her ENTIRE school that their church is all wrong.

"The bible was written thousands of years ago for a certain type of people."
*And, just because the Pope tells us not to do it, doesn't mean we have to obey him.* [This is a parphrase because she couldn't remember the exact words. ]  (Galadriel was tempted to stand up and say: Well, d'uh, we're Catholic, we are supposed obey the Pope, but she was afraid whe would have gotten suspended.  I informed her later, that if she ever gets suspended for defending the Church, the Bishop or the Pope, she could spend her suspension sitting on the chesterfield eating cake and icecream, watching TV, and if they tried to expel her the Archbishop would be getting a letter from me.)
Pray for the Toronto Catholic District School Board
Pray for My daughters' schools
Pray for all students
Pray for all Bishops
Pray for the Pope
Pray for all parents of school age children.

If this year is really a year of witness, then let's truly witness our faith.

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Scripture to keep in mind

Six things there are, which the Lord hateth, and the seventh his soul detesteth: [17] Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, [18] A heart that deviseth wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, [19]A deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and him that soweth discord among brethren. [20] My son, keep the commandments of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother. ***Cf:Douay-Rheims Proverbs 6: 16-20


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